Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch

And here is handy link https://forums.ubports.com/category/29/fairphone-2

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Hey all,

I’m a proud new owner of a FP2, and reading up on threads in here, as wel as on the ubports forum and even discovering https://ut4fp.org/ (that’s you guys also, right?), I’m amazed and excited about all the progress!

I got UT installed as per the guide on https://ut4fp.org/page/getting-started, and am running your pre-alpha system.img.

I’m no programmer, but certainly a tinkerer willing to dig a little deeper and learn new things, and am not afraid of a terminal. if there’s anything i can do to help you along (and my self too, as soon as gsm works, i’m switching full to my UTFP2 :wink: ), like run tests and fetch logs, please let me know. If money helps, i may even have some of that too :wink:

for now i can see

  • it recognizes gps is on, but as of yet am not getting a location fix (tested with scopes, SensorsStatus and uNav)
  • it detects a SIM card in slot 1, not in slot 2 (do i need 2 SIM cards inserted for it to detect slot 2?) but doesn’t ask for the SIM PIN at start up, doesn’t allow me to activate the SIM at a later point, and doesn’t retrieve provider/carrier info. there is a section in system settings>privacy&security about SIM PIN, but i’m not sure if and what to do there?
    -connecting external display works up to when [MSDisplayAdapter_24] says it’s connecting, and then Unity8 crashes. (this bit is outside of your scope of interest i guess)



Hi Ubuntu Touch gang! I’d like to draw your attention to this topic: :slight_smile:

It would be great to see your work at the next European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam in 2017. If you can make it, please post in that topic. :slight_smile:


News from M. Gripsgard: "Great news here, so just got voice call working on Fairphone 2 today…"


oh and btw, quite new, just some impressions of UB on FP2:


Thanks for the video, it looks promising!
Did you shoot it with another Fairphone? It looks like there is a problem with the focus, as reported on several Fairphones (including mine):

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I did not make the video… and I do not own a FP.


Ok @sverris!
Just a thought: I watched the video on Youtube and in the comments, the person who posted the video wrote

“there is a bug that drains the battery pretty fast, waiting for new images”

I wonder if it is a bug related to the Modem files and if installing the old Modem Files would help, as it does with Sailfish OS. See @explit’s explanation:

On the Sailfish Wiki, there is also a description of the workaround:

I don’t know if it helps, but I hope that Ubuntu will soon be available on Fairphone!


This would a question for @wouterx


We achieved a new milestone! Ubuntu Touch for Fairphone 2 is calling! Check it out: http://bit.ly/2iPQpND Help us with a fully working device: http://bit.ly/2ePv1Wh


That sounds great. Seriously thinking about pre-ordering the fairphone.


Uncovered links:



Nice job, the Ubuntu Touch OS is now able to make calls with FP2 phone :slight_smile:
Perhaps I’m too impatient, but does the new image is already available? On the seafile depo the last system.img is 2016-12-22 so anterior to M. Gripsgard great announcement !


@oli.sax, the last seafile system.img is 19h old now


Hello everyone,

I really like the layout and look of the Ubuntu Touch. But I was wondering how the data security of Ubuntu touch is compared to e.g. Android, Cyanogenmod etc. Would be really happy if someone could enlighten me :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

first of all thank you very much for the great work you have done.

I’m planning to flash ubuntu on my FP2 this weekend but I wanted to ask: is the data working in 4G?
Moreover I saw on ubports that the GPS is not working and I was wondering if there are plans to make it available in the future.


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Hy together,
sounds great to have ubuntu touch on the fairphone, but my installation failed.
I got ubuntu running, what I see running top. but exept “Fairphone powerde by andoid” nothing else running on the screen.
What has been my mistake?

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added my share to the bounty. Let’s see. I am basically booked out all the time to do some real implementations. Thus I share my hard earned dough :smiley:


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Hi bastos!
It’s difficult for me to spot the mistake, but i did succeed once the installation when following all the points at the beginning of this guide. Perhaps you can start again step by step with paying attention of not misspelling any command-line? Did you had the new recovery screen at step 6 ?

I intend to test again with the new version when I have some “geek” free time, when it’s the case I’ll let you know if this procedure is still working :slight_smile:

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Thank you #oli.sax for your reply. Until now I did not follow the steps in this thread.
What I have done is following https://devices.ubports.com/#/FP2 but it has not been successfull at all, so I tried different “google search options” and succeeded to have a ubuntu to login and to run top.

I will try asap the steps in this thread, when “I have some “geek” free time” too :slight_smile:.

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