Fairphone 2 sync with Mac products?

Hello there,

I have been using Apple products for years now, I have a Macbook and an iPhone but am thinking upgrading to a Fairphone 2. I currently useiTunes, iCal and store all my contacts on Mac Sofware and the iCloud. How easy or is it possible for me to still use all this software and to sync with my phone if I change to a Fairphone 2?


There is a special website for those who want to switch from Apple to Android: https://www.android.com/switch/

Disclaimer: I have no Mac. Maybe someone with a Mac can confirm my post.

File transfer
You will need to install the Android File Transfer on your Mac. Then, you can connect the Fairphone 2 with an USB cable (with a Micro-B connector, not included with your FP2, you can’t reuse your iPhone cable, but look in your cupboard if you already have one), tick “MTP” on your phone (and untick the other options), open the Android File Transfer software (if not automatically opened) and transfer the files.

You can sync your Google calendar (which will be shown on your FP2) with the calendar on your Mac.


Ah you beat me to it @TobiasF! :smiley:

I switched from Mac and iPhone to Android and can confirm everything you said. The official website from google really helped me a lot with the move to the different OS. You just need to be careful with the various apps that are not from Apple or Google, as those might be a bit tricky. Every messenger app has usually its own way of migrating the data, with entertainment apps it’s usually not possible.

For transferring my SMS I used this website and app, which worked without a problem.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to restore any purchased apps on Android. If you bought any apps for iOS you will have to buy them again on Android. Probably comparable to the closed environments of Xbox and PlayStation.

Edit: Regarding the syncing with your Mac: An iPhone connects to the computer through iTunes and it’s a very shiny neat command center. Looks and feels quite clean and organised. You have your different options (Music, Apps,…) and iTunes syncs the data for you. With Android it’s a bit different. The Android File Transfer may look a bit simple and weird, but that’s because of a drastically different approach. It’s not a programme that performs an organised sync for you. It’s more like a Finder window, which just shows you the folders of your phone. For an iPhone user it’s a bit unfamiliar, but you should get the hang of it in no time. Just have a look at the folder structure of the phone and then just drag and drop the files you want in the appropriate folders and create your own paths.


Hi – I’m trying to connect my lovely new fairphone 2 to my macbook to transfer some photos, but I’m not understanding two things from these instructions:

  1. What the heck is a MicroB connector, and how exactly do I use that with the phone? And where do I get one?
  2. Where do I tick ‘MTP’ on the phone?

I’ve got the Android File Transfer software installed fine, but it just doesn’t recognize the phone exists yet.

Thanks very much for your help!


Micro-B to USB

First connect your phone to the computer, then swipe from the top down.
Now a notice will appear, tap on the notice and you will see four options, you have to choose the first one.

OK, thank you. It had already defaulted to MTP, but the computer still is not recognizing the device.
Evidently the problem is the lack of a ‘Micro B’ connector… still trying to understand what it is, how it connects exactly, and where to get one. (Fairphone, it would have been a good idea to include this as an optional extra with the purchase of the phone!).

Thanks very much,

It’s just a normal USB cable, that on one end fits into the phone (micro usb) and on the other in the computer. You’ll probably already have one that came with another device… But make sure it’s for data transfer (not only for charging).

This is cable with usb on one side and on the other side the micro-b.
As Irina says; make sure you have a ‘data’ cable and not a ‘charging’ cable.


I also have a question regarding the file transfer:
I’ve previously downloaded Android File Transfer and used it successfully with my FP2 but now for some reason it doesn’t let me copy files from the app’s menu to my MacBook. I am trying to find this “MTP” option but it doesn’t show anywhere - not on the swipe menu and I don’t see it in Settings.
At the same time I can view all the files on my phone through Android File transfer and they look right - the only problem is that it doesn’t let me drag&drop or copy them to the mac.
Does anyone have a clue where the problem might lie?
Thanks in advance!

As soon as you have connected your phone to the computer, you get a message on your phonescreen that your phone is charging. Tap on this message and in the following screen you will see the options including MTP.

Thank you!
I found the menu and it turned out that the MTP option was defaulted anyway. But this doesn’t change the fact that I still can neither copy nor drag and drop files from the Android File Transfer app to the Mac. If I click on an item the only options I get are “Delete” or “New Folder”… keyboard combinations don’t work either. It’s probably something simple but I can’t figure out where the problem might lie… :frowning:

You have to drag and drop files from the Mac to the Android File Transfer.

this doesn’t work either. but the point is that I would like to copy an audio file from my phone to the computer and not the other way round. it just doesn’t let me copy any files from AFT.
anyway, I will just try to save them to Google Drive and access them this way.

Can’t you transfer the file to your computer by something like the website wetransfer.com?
I know it’s not a real solution, but a workaround.

I use the doubletwist app to sync my iTunes music. It’s not a must have - you can copy music over with AFT - but I like it. It syncs, i.e. I don’t have to remember what music is new after the initial copy. And it puts playlists over which is great.

Hello there,

on my fairphone 2 it worked quite well for a while, but now i cant choose the option “mtp” anymore. I can find it by using the searcher but when I tick on it nothing happend.
Do somebody know that problem?


Hi – I’m trying to find ‘MTP’ on my fairphone and not finding it anywhere. Might you be able to help me locate it? Thank you!

Connect your phone with a usb data cable to the computer.
On the homescreen of the phone (not the startscreen) swipe the notification bar from top to bottom.
Now a line opens with probably “Connected in charging mode”.
Tap on that line and in the next screen you can choose for “Media Device (MTP)”

Make sure you have a data cable four threaded otherwise your phone can’t connect to the computer.
As there are usb cables two threaded only suitable for charging and not for data.

You have to connect your phone to your computer via an USB data cable. Then you can swipe down the notification bar and you’ll see a notification to change your USB options. Select the first one, that’s MTP.

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