Fairphone 2 stopped charging

I received my Fairphone 2 in december 2016 and was a very happy user till march 24th 2018,
then it stopped charging.
I bought a new bottom module and replaced it, but that didn’t make any difference.
I had to wait 7 weeks till a new battery was available, replaced the old one but it still won’t charge. I don’t have a clue what next step to take.

Well if it’s not the battery and not the bottom module then unfortunately it’s likely the main module.
Are there any #fairphoneangels near you? They could help you check if it’s really the main module’s fault.
Or just #contactsupport and let them handle it.
Btw. you didn’t have to buy any modules, since you have a 2 years warranty.


Thanks, I just wrote to support

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