FairPhone 2 : Screen stops responding sometimes and blacks out, mostly with calls

Hi everyone!

I have some issues with my screen that are not resolved by cleaning the connectors. Have any of you had the problems that I’ll describe below and how did you fix it?

From time to time my screen will just stop responding. It does this during different kinds of use. When this happens, I will turn my screen off and on and I will repeat this until it starts working again. This isn’t a huge problem, but it is quite annoying.

The second problem is that my screen also blacks out every now and then. Again, not always a big problem. However, it mostly blacks out when I’m on the phone. Meaning that I can’t hang up and when I end up in a menu where you have to put in numbers to make a choice … then I can’t do that when my screen doesn’t work.

What is your advise?

Thank you!

For your second problem, have you tried re-calibrating the proximity sensor?
Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor


Hurray! You are right! Followed your instructions, made a few test calls and the screen actually stayed on! :smiley: Thank you very much!

I would still be nice if someone has tips for my first issue as well (that at random times, the screen stops responding) … But this was my biggest problem now. This forum, again, made me very happy :slight_smile:

There is a known “issue” (rather protective measure) that the screen stops responding to touch input if you are charging it with a bad charger. This is a reaction to static that could otherwise cause ghost touches and could probably happen in other cases where static is in play - e.g. due to friction.

Well, if this problem will occur while charging, then I’ll know not to worry about my phone and instead check the charger/ connection. But for now, that can’t be the problem.

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