Fairphone 2 SAR specification changed?

Hi all,
I would like to buy a new fairphone 2. The first feature that I analyse is the SAR specification, than the possibility to replace the battery and finally the possibility to update the software apart the fairness values.
I remembered that fairphone 2 had a low value: 0.288 W/kg for the head and 0.426 W/kg for the body as specified here.
Right now, I found that the latest version has: SAR10g: 0.65 W/kg (Head); SAR10g: 1.1 W/kg (Body) a specified here.
What did it happen? Is the evaluation changed over the time? Am I missing something?
The latest specifications are extremely high and I will never buy a device with such values.



I do not understand.
From wikipedia:

European Union: CENELEC specify SAR limits within the EU, following IEC standards. For mobile phones, and other such hand-held devices, the SAR limit is 2 W/kg averaged over the 10 g of tissue absorbing the most signal

The SAR is specified in term of 10 gr and the IEC 62209-1 standard is dated 2005. Hence before the fairphone 2 birth date.

Someone could clarify me way the SAR specifications changed over the time?
Thank you

From the linked article:

“In compliance with new reporting methodologies, the SAR levels shown under the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) section in the printed version from before October 2017 of the user guide are no longer applicable. From October 2017 on, this is updated in all printed documentation.”


"In summer 2017 the new RED legislation (Radio Equipment Directive) has come into force mostly replacing the (older) R&TTE Directive. In this new directive and the standards related to it there a new way of measuring SAR for mobile phones is to be used.

For the measurement at the head the lab applied a multiplying factor on the old measurement to comply with the new standard.

For the body measurement the separation distance used in the test is now 0.5 cm.
To avoid confusion, there has been no hardware change that leads to this increase but a change in the way of measuring. "


Ok thank you. Now it is more clear.

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