Fairphone 2 refurbished

Who has experience with the fairphone 2 refurbished. Does he have the latest camera?

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No personal experience, but your camera question has been asked a couple of times: No it does not.

See also:


Johannes, thanks for this information. I hope the new issue of the ‘new’ FP2 refurbished
has also that (upgraded) new camera

But for me it doesn’t make sense to have a “refurbished” hardware which contains “brand new” hardware… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi DjDas, I agree, but I prefer a better camera to photograph insect, wild mushrooms and birds.

You can buy it (given availability, haha) and put it in your phone. How cool is that :slight_smile: ?


I ordered a refurbished FP2 for my mother and it came with the updated camera modules. :gift:


Not in my FP1, another elk

That’s true, but that’s not what this thread is about.

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I have a refurbished FP2 and find I cannot sign up to Fairphone support now as there is no ID number visible on it. They didn’t warn about that when selling them. The old FP1 sim card won’t fit in the FP2 so I can’t start using it until I have got another sim card, which will be at least another couple of days. So much for compatibility. And why has the FP2 got buttons on all the edges? Far less easy to hold it now without turning something on or off inadvertently. So far I am not impressed with FP2 and think the earlier version was preferable.

If you take the Cover off you should see the IMEI number(s). More info here:


There were different SIM card sizes used over time, from standard to micro to nano. Every smartphone manufacturer long enough in business changed from a larger size to a smaller size at some point.
Most SIM cards nowadays are produced in a way that you have the standard size originally, but you can easily break the size you need out of it yourself without tools.
So you could easily change from standard to micro or standard to nano or from micro to nano if needed.
If you couldn’t, complain to your SIM provider, not Fairphone.

For SIM cards which don’t work that way or are nano already, there are adapters to get a smaller size into a larger size slot, and since the SIM chip layout is compatible and there are tools for it, you (or any phone shop) can cut out a smaller size out of a larger size (although providers don’t encourage or support that, they more like to send you a new card for a lot of money of course).

To specifically irritate you.
Because it was designed that way.

That’s a pity, because the Fairphone 1 will not come back … but you could make your points here …

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Hi, can you tell me if the fairphone 3 wil have a better camera than fairphone 1 and 2?

It is all speculation up until now, there are no specifications yet.
That’s why you can still say what you want to have with some hope at least. There’s still no guarantee it will be this way then though.

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Thank you for writing back. I don’t like risk of damaging the SIM card or making it so small it falls out of the slot so will have to go to a phone shop and buy a new one if necessary.

You didn’t answer my question about how to register my refurbished FP2 with you as there is no individual number on it. Please could you tell me if it is guaranteed for one or two years?

Also, have you any idea how long people have to wait now if ordering a new FP2? (Asking for a friend.) Is it likely to be six months or more? If there is anywhere one can buy them from? I see plenty of towns in Germany sell them but they don’t seem to have any in stock either.

Thanks for your help.

Susannah Wight

It seems you could try Vireo or certain Mobilcom-debitel stores in Germany currently.

This is a community forum, not the company.
Please contact Fairphone directly about that.

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