Fairphone 2 questions about delivery

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How about a topic revival?


I ordered before 15.000 was hit, but my delivery number ist 15.236. I just hope my phone arrives before Christmas, so I have something to play with.

You probably paid via bank transfer, I suppose. The delivery number, however, is based on the time of arrival of the payment - was the same for me back in July :wink:
Crossing fingers for your delivery before the holidays.

I was buying and paying (bank transfer) as fast as I could. Saw that pre-orders started when they had sold under 100. Now I’m on the 28xx’s :smiley:

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It would be satisfying to hear something like this from a fairphone employee:
‘Wow, I just can’t believe how great this prototype FP2 is - beyond my wildest expectations. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out - and so proud that we’ll be able to deliver the first batch of 16,000 phones before the end of November …’


Do we know when deliveries will start, other than just ‘November’?

Well, they announced pre-order opening on a Thursday… With the week-end we (delivery number 277x…) were just a little bit slower than those paying directly…

@kevr1990: I did not get any other information yet and I don’t think there will be (soon).

Where do I find the information about the delivery number? The only number I can find is the order number. Thanks for a hint.

The delivery number can be found in the E-Mail that contains your bill.

In the mail subject Fairphone: Factuurnummer 100002378 voor Order # 100002916 that I recieved, started with
"Bedankt voor je bestelling!

Je betaling is voltooid. Hieronder vind je je ontvangstbewijs, dat we ook als pdf hebben bijgevoegd.

Je leveringsnummer nummer is: 140 "

"Thank you for your order!

Your payment is completed. Below you’ll find a receipt, we have also attached as a pdf.

Your delivery number number is: 140"

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Right. Thanks! Using Outlook you have to enable “show pictures” otherwise you can’t see the number (as it happened to me).

@kevr1990: I suppose you also received the mail, but for all those who have not (yet) ordered an FP2, in the Thanks mail from the FP team they sent out today they put the following concerning delivery:

We still have some time to go before continuous production begins. Right now, we’re having the final prototype tested and undergoing last revisions. After that we can provide a clearer delivery timeline.
Currently, the delivery of the first phones is expected to begin in the latter half of November with phones being shipped in the order in which they were purchased.
We will communicate with you and our community on our production and delivery plans as we move forward.

The fact that it was only written in the eMail - I have stored only locally on my home computer- was also the reason, I could not tell my exact delivery number in my earlier post, now I could have another look: x = 9 :slight_smile:

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Here’s a couple of questions. FP2 prototypes have been around for a few months now, so FP must have a rough idea what the battery life is like. Could this information be shared with FP’s loving community? A ball-park figure would do, and no one’s going to contact a lawyer if the true figure turns out to be worse. It would also be good to know what the latest estimate is for delivery of FP2 - for those who ordered before 30 September. Many thanks in advance!

Are you sure there have been working FP2 prototypes with the final software for months already? The first ones were just plain models of what the phone looks like and how the modules work. If I remember correctly, final prototypes haven’t been out for more than a few weeks and I don’t know whether or not the software running on those is actually some kind of final. We are all anxious about the battery life but that depends a lot on the energy consumption of the Operating System.

I think it’s hard for Fairphone to publish information about battery life because they don’t want to promise something that ends up to be not fulfilled for some people. I bet that if they had any definite and clear information about this they would share it :slight_smile:


Does anyone know which “modules” the FP2 will consist of? I mean, what is part of the motherboard and what will be available as smaller modules?

For example, on my current phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 mini) the micro-USB connector is kind of worn out so the charger cable slips out if I just look at it…

As this seems to be a part that tends to deteriorate over time, it’d be interesting if this would be a replaceable part (without replacing something big, and expensive, like the motherboard)

Yes, I had read about that. Unfortunately I don’t remember where exactly.

If you go to https://www.fairphone.com/phone/, you can scroll down and see how it assembles. Maybe this answers your question already :wink:

Edit: There you go: Search for “building blocks”

The Fairphone 2 is constructed around a number of building blocks:

  1. The external case, of which multiple variations are possible
  2. The replaceable battery pack
  3. The transceiver (or core unit), which is the core of the system. It includes the main chipset, memory and flash storage, modem, radios and antennas, the SIMs and MicroSD card holders, motion sensors and power management. It contains most of the expensive electronics and networking functions.
  4. The display unit, which includes the main LCD module, touch sensing driver and a 0.7mm-thick Gorilla® Glass 3 lens.
  5. The receiver unit, which includes the receiver, headset connector, front-facing camera, noise-cancelling microphone, ambient light and proximity sensor and the notification LED.
  6. The rear camera unit, which includes the rear camera and flash.
  7. The speaker unit, which includes the speaker, vibration mechanism, main microphone and USB connector.

These subsystems (or units) have been split along functional lines, taking into account the complexity of engineering them, as well as the cost of replacement. For instance, we did not include any functionality in the display unit that was not part of the LCD. This way, if you need to replace your display, you won’t have to throw away any other components that are still functional.

I think this is a “yes” to your question whether it the USB-connector is cheaply replaceable.


Great - thank you! :smile: