Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

You are right!

Still they did not promise to answer each and every question. :wink: On a more serious note: I see @Douwe liking some posts above and it seems that he indeed is reading all/most posts here. So your words are definitely not unheard, they are just not responded to immediately. Don’t worry, tomorrow there will be a new update. If not here, then in the blog.

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Hey all!

We are reading (most of) the forum, but it is indeed impossible to read all of it. And even if we see your question, it is not always easy or even possible to get an answer from someone else here in the company. But that doesn’t mean we are not trying :smile:

Today we are going to ship the first phones (woohooo!) and I will go to the south of Holland together with @Beth_Russell to film the first shipment, live!

I was trying to find a good way to embed live video streaming into the website, but Persiscope, Meerkat and Rhinobird.tv does not seem to allow embedding.

So I made an account here: https://www.periscope.tv/fairphone
You can watch the streams after the event at: https://katch.me/Fairphone
And if you want to watch live, but do not want to install Persiscope, you can check this website and search for Fairphone: http://onperiscope.com/


Hi !
I have ordered two FP2, but not in the same time, and not with the same back cover. Will you send me both toghter or not ?

I hope that today or at least Wednesday we have some information about how many Fairphones will be shipped before the end of the year, and in general the shipment schedule. And when my transparent back cover 6620’s Fairphone 2 will be delivered to me; I expect around mid January but I hope first.

If you need an official answer, it’s best to contact support directly (here). Personally, I would guess this from what you paid for your order - if you paid for shipping twice, then they’ll probably come separately. If you’ve paid a single shipping fee, then they’ll probably arrive together.


This is from another thread, but I thought it was appropriate to mention here because of the discussion above.

I really appreciated this response from @anon90052001 on the blobs licence thread. No new information, but acknowledgement of the question and reassurance that someone is trying to find an answer. Thanks joe :smile:

Fairphone tweeted an update with a live video of the packing of the first phone!

*edit: alas I get nothing but stuttering images and sounds on Windows 7 with Firefox and NoScript blocking all peripherals.

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What a great counter! :slight_smile:

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And live vertical video on https://www.periscope.tv/Fairphone/1lDGLYbnqgbJm right now.

Update from the Verge. Nothing new at all, but nice bit of coverage.

There’s an update in the production and delivery blog. Only 1000 phones are expected to be shipped to owners before the end of the year.

:cry: No birthday present to myself on the 2nd of January.

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How many devices are planned to be shipped in January? Until when does Fairphone plan to ship all 17418 special edition phones?

Tip for all buyers who don’t get their Fairphone 2 before Christmas or their birthday: It’s an Easter present! Hide not only chocolate, but also the Fairphone 2. It’s a big surprise for the presentee if he/she finds it. And when he/she doesn’t find it: Let it ring!

@Douwe Ironically, the first Fairphone2 that’s being sent apparently has a blue matte cover… :yum:

Anyway, I don’t want to whine about the delay that’s caused by the non-black covers–I’m confident all will be fine eventually. However, I’d like to understand what has led to the current situation. On 29 September, we all had an email about what colour we’d like our Fairphones to be. In that same email, 16 October was announced to be the last day it’d be possible to change the preferred colour. So, what has happened after 16 October that has caused non-black covers not to be available on 21 December?


There’s an explanation for the blue FP2 that could be seen in the video in this post.

:blush: To be honest, my statement in comment #85 about live video coverage was just as a joke, but it’s fascinating that people get excited about goods being packaged in a warehouse.


Hey @rbeuker, I can try to get you an answer; currently I do not know what caused this delay.


I was also hoping to show my new Fairphone to my family at Christmas dinner and as some of you I really need my new phone as soon as possible. I am borrowing the phone I am using from a friend because mine is dead. Yet, I also choose a Fairphone for what it represent (in my opinion a change in consumption habits), this change demands patient. I am willing to wait :wink:


140 Fairphones shipped as of now (2015-12-13, 00:26).

Fairphone’s plan as of now (according to @Douwe here) is to ship all 17418 special edition Fairphone 2’s before end of January.

Some weekly estimate (how many devices will be shipped per week) would be helpful as I still don’t know when to expect my Fairphone 2. I only know it will be “sometime in January”.

Is there any way to estimate when a delivery would be made for an order placed right now?

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