Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

yep, the weekend just got an awfully lot longer! :grin:


Well, with order number 4000 something and semitransparent back I guess I’ll have to wait till january… My trusted S3 mini (with OmniROM on it) might even see its third birthday, that way. Courier services don’t have awful lots of slack to deliver everything, these days :slight_smile:
What would sweeten (my) wait time would be the publication of the software, so people could start tinkering…



Compared to other manufacturer Fairphone makes production and delivery processes transparent. Apple or Samsung i.e. inform their customers not until all process steps are streamlined an polished and a big amount of devices is allready produced and shipped to their destribution Centers arround the world.
As a Fairphone Customer i’m not excited that delivery of my phone is delayed by selecting a Special product specification. Because i’m excited to hold my new phone in my Hands i may be impatient and react on “bad” News dissapointed.

But as a Fairphone Supporter and i’m in line with the Terms the Fairphone Company communicates with their Customers and with their delivery plan. I also buy their product exacly because of that.

So in conclusion, i’m unhappy about the new info, i’m happy about getting this Information. Getting a fairphone is a hell of a ride.

Enjoy waiting time be Patient, build your foldable Fairphone. As we say in Germany “Vorfreude ist die schönste freude”


In principle I can agree with all of what you’re saying. But as a Fairphone customer I also expect a transparent process, also regarding communication, since transparency is all the company is about.
I would really appreciate to receive a direct answer to my questions above. The answer “We do not know” is better than just ignoring these questions.
But judging from the previous weeks, I do not think I will receive any answer.
And that’s what I find so disappointing.



While I’m happy to wait in line :smile: I wonder where exactly in line I am. Can I derive this from the order number? I placed a regular order in early December, order number is 30003xxxx. Does this mean I’m at 3xxxx?

Thank you very much!

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That’s not true for everyone. Several people who ordered after the crowdfunding phase (including me :slight_smile: ), didn’t find this number. I only find

Order # 200048545

which sounds a bit too much for an order just after the crowdfunding was finished… :slight_smile:

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In the mail subject Fairphone: Factuurnummer 100002378 voor Order # 100002916 that I recieved, started with:

"Bedankt voor je bestelling!
Je betaling is voltooid. Hieronder vind je je ontvangstbewijs, dat we ook als pdf hebben bijgevoegd.
Je leveringsnummer nummer is: 140 "

“Thank you for your order!
Your payment is completed. Below you’ll find a receipt, we have also attached as a pdf.
Your delivery number number is: 140”

I haven’t ordered, but I am pretty sure that the number you are after is not the original order number but a different waiting line number generated after Fairphone received your payment. The original plan was to deliver according to the order of payments, not the “order of orders”.

See Lidwien’s post for illustration.

True. But manufacturers like Apple or Samsung don’t take money in advance. And once the devices are shipped to the distribution centers, you see which colors are available and which are not and - based on that - decide whether you want to wait a little bit longer or not. In a scenario like FP’s pre-order / pre-pay, the demand for transparency among the customers seems to be higher, especially because they have to decide about the color very early in the process without getting any clue that and how this will impact later delivery.

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Exactly, you have a receiptnumber, a ordernumber and a deliverynumber.
The deliverynumber is the number you have to look for.

I couldn’t agree more.

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I don’t have such text :frowning:

Thank you for your order!
Your payment has been successfully completed. Below you’ll find your receipt, which is also attached as a PDF.
To check the status of your order, simply log in to your Fairphone Account.

That’s all…
(But now: back on topic :slight_smile: )

The only place I can find my delivery number is in two places in this email:

EDIT: You have to look in the email with the invoice, not the order confirmation.

[quote=“kuleszdl, post:123, topic:11149”]
Apple or Samsung don’t take
[/quote] care on Fairphones key values in the electronics value chain. Also when you purchased your Fairphone, they ask you to kickstarter Production so they can be Independent from Investors. They outlined what happend, why it happend and how they plan to solve it.
Yes I understand the disappointments but for me the values of Fairphone are higher.


Right now, there are only black matte back covers at the distribution center, so these phones will be shipped first. As there will not be a shipment of another color next week, only black matte phones will be shipped before Christmas. Other colors will be shipped after (hopefully still in this year, the last week of December), and we will report this info on our blog once it’s certain these other back cover colors are on their way to the distribution center.

Unfortunately, it’s now too late for Fairphone 2 owners to change their back cover color preference. That would add too much complexity in the logistics and distribution process.

Sorry we can’t give more reliable numbers on how many phones will be produced in the future. We are giving updates three times per week on the blog, so that owners can keep up-to-date as soon as we here in Amsterdam get the information from China. My understanding is that this assembly line is still considered the “ramp-up phase” where the production is not fully stabilized yet. In other words - it’s not yet at the point where we can push a button and thousands of phones are produced as easily as they should be in the future.

In response to your question about delivery date estimations - I think we can give some estimation of when phones deliver (all pre-ordered phones will be delivered before the end of January). But a more specific estimation (like the first 1-5000 phones arrive in a certain week) is so dynamic that any estimates we give are changing day by day based on production, quality inspection, travel from China to NL, customs, processing and packing, and finally courier delivery and whether or not you’re home when the delivery man arrives. :slight_smile:

Now, we’re about to post an update on the blog before the weekend. Any more questions, let me know.


Haven’t had the chance to look yet, but… http://code.fairphone.com/ (announced here)


Thanks for the update @anon90052001.

How long has the colour issue been known?

If I’d known about this, I would have amended my order in an instant, before it was too late Getting my phone sooner - even if only by a couple of days - is much more important to me.

I have been without a phone for a month now and was really hoping to have one to make speaking to family over the Christmas period easier.

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If the delivery is late because a last minute change had to be done to the hardware, that’s unpleasent, but such things happen.
However that you haven’t been able to gather all backcovers by now is a totally different thing.

Of course Fairphone is not a professional mobile phone OEM, however I strongly hope that you use some kind of project management software for planing (MS Project, ProjectLibre or simply a spreadsheet) as well as supplier management, if so, you should have been aware of the fact, that there is a delay between delivery of the different cases and should have noted that fact as a bottle neck. Therefore you should have ordered them that way that all colors arrived in your office before the hardware.
What bothers me even more: Obviously the way you ordered the covers, the delay of fairphone delivery would have been the same even without the last minute hardware change - simply because you did not order the covers in time.

So allow me to ask some questions:

  • Why did you tell your customers that phones are to be send out on first come first served basis and that the color of the cover has no influence on this?
    -> I would have been 100% happy with the black matte cover - I only selected the transparent blue, because I couldn’t decide and threw a dice. In case you had pointed out that the black matte back covered fairphones are delivered first, I would have ordered a black matte cover.
  • Any way to get my money back?
    -> My old phone is completely broken since two weeks and I really need a new one. Normally (with order number around 2900) I should have received the phone around Christmas, now I am back to “no idea when I receive the phone”. I’d still like to get a fairphone, however I need a phone and if you can’t tell at least a rough estimated date, when the blue transparent phones are delivered, I have to buy me a new one to be reachable again.

I guess you can read between the lines, that I am really pissed of by your “not good planning”, so please give me a chance to calm down by giving me a fast and meaningful answer!


Thanks for this brilliant post! My thoughts exactly!!!