FairPhone 2 - Problems after upgrading to Android 9

Dear community,

since the upgrade to Android 9 (FairPhone Open 21.05.0-rel.1), my FairPhone 2 experiences several issues and I am looking for someone experienced here in the forum to help.

The FP2 reboots once/twice a day at random, the mobile internet is sometimes not working and when using the browser (Lightning or Fennec) sometimes the phone gets slow, freezes and restarts.
All errors seem to be random, I could not figure out a way to reproduce them or identify a certain app that crashes it.

This threat was helpful:

but It seems that it is addressed to reboots that happen far more often than mine.

Is there a way that I can see which apps/processes are causing the reboots and crashes? Then maybe I could figure out how to fix them.

I experience pretty much the same behaviour. I am considering to install LOS to avoid that…

There is a beta of the next update for Android 9. beta august update FP2

Oops! That page doesnt’t exist or is private.

You are right.
Sorry, the page is private.
At least I hope that the beta will be soon becomes the final version and with that available for everybody.

The latest version seems to correct what was I think a memory leak. Now my phone works pretty well with OpenOS 21.08.1-rel.0.