Fairphone 2 power button breaking (way too early) - design flaw?

Dear all,

After my Fairphone 1 survived about 2 years until the power button started failing (takes more and more wiggling / pressure to get a response from it), I wanted to replace that, but wanted to have a new phone in case I broke it, instead of ending up phoneless. So I have ordered a Fairphone 2 and got mine early May this year.
I have used the phone pretty normally, I would say - turning the screensaver on/off via the power putton. Sometimes a few dozen times a day, sometimes surely a hundred times.

Much to my dismay, already in August, the FP2 power button started failing in the very same way that my FP1 power button did after 2 years. I have removed the protective cover, and the switch is clearly breaking: The plastic switch beneath the cover doesn’t give the typical micro-switch audible click anymore, and it does not come out the full way, like all the other buttons.
It is just barely not short-circuited all the time, and a strong push on the protective cover’s button will still reach it & activate it.

I still have warranty on my phone, obviously - but I don’t want to send it in without a full backup (different forum topic). I will contact the support.

However, I wanted to know from the community if other people have noticed the same issue - and I wonder if the Fairphone button is flawed by design - given that they seem to be the fastest breaking piece in the phone…

Would the Fairphone developers review their button hardware choice if enough people reported problems?

Kind regards

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