Fairphone 2 please!


I’d like to buy a fairphone 2 please. I’m in the UK.


Hi there,
Welcome to our community, in case not familiar with facilities available I am UK based and have sent you a Personal Message asking for a bit more detail concerning your FP2 requirements.


I’m in the UK too - and have a Fairphone2 which I’d be willing to part with.
It needs a new screen on it (due to touch issues and an original blemish). I could get that replaced easily and sell it to you (it was sent to the official Fairphone repair place and they checked it over and only found this module to be the issue).

If that’s of interest, let me know what you’d be willing to pay and I’ll consider it.


Hi there. I also have a FP2 I’m trying to sell. New bottom module and new camera, plus spare battery. Turquoise case :slight_smile: I’m also based in the UK.

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