Fairphone 2 not working - What to do?

Hi Fairphone forum

Unfortunately my fairphone 2 is no longer working. All of a sudden it wouldn’t load into the OS. I had my phone since dec 2015, without any bigger problems, so all in all a great product, but now as I can’t make it work I don’t want to go back to an unfairphone again :disappointed_relieved:

This is what I tried so far:

1. safemode
I tried to boot in safemode, without luck.

2. Backup everything
I went into TWRP to create a backup to make sure I did not loose any of my data+media.

I followed this simple procedure, https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/general/twrp-backup-including-internal-storage-t3660479, and transferred the backupfiles to my pc, and changed the name of the backup-files to “.tar” so I could transfer all my photos to make sure they were not deleted.

I also did a simple backup to make sure I had only the data (without pictures) as a backup to make a restore.

3. simpel wipe
After the backup I followed this instruction to make a system recovery.

I got into TWRP and did a “simple” wipe, but this did not work. My fairphone still did not load into OS.

4. Advanced wipe
I tried to make and “advanced” wipe, and now my fairphone started as a “new” fairphone with factory reset. But unfortunately this only lasted for two days, and my fairphone went back to not loading into the OS.

5. Hardware vs software?

I can’t figure out if its a hardware problem, and in this case, which hardware part is making a failure? So I don’t know if I should start changing parts, even tough this is a great feature on the fairphone…
If there is anyway I can do a hardware check?

Is there any other way to do a factory reset or install the os from scratch?

6. Recycle and then what…?
If my FP is “dead” I would love to send it to Fairphone companys recycle program.
I guess this is the best way to get rid of my phone?

But after this I need a new phone, but what is the news on fairphone3?
Is there any alternative to get a fairphone today?

I hope to hear your suggestions, and hopefully this will help others as well :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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What exactly does that mean?
Which OS are you using? And at which point does it stop to load, what’s the last thing you see?

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help you with swapping parts.

There are no news currently, only speculation.

Buying a second-hand Fairphone 2 in the #market?

Buying a refurbished one at a reduced price? … https://shop.fairphone.com/en/refurbished


Hi AnotherElk

Thank you for your reply,

#1 I’m running the default OS (fairphone OS, I guess?) and I haven’t changed anything from there, except updating. The only thing I see is the fairphone logo with the blue dots loading and nothing happens.

#2Unfortunately there’s no #fairphoneangels in my area, but I might bring my phone to Copenhagen at some time, hoping the angels there could help me.

#3 I think I already tried this “format data”, but without luck. The first time I did it, the fairphone loaded into the OS as a “formated” phone, but after one week it wouldn’t load the OS again. The second time I did it, the phone didn’t want to load the OS at all, but I’ll give it a try one more time :slight_smile:!

#4 Damn I wish there was a #FP3 on its way :slight_smile:

#5 Good idea, I’ll look into this!

Thank you for all your helpful advices.


Hi again

I followed your instruction do wipe the phone using fastboot.

And installed Lineage OS 16.0 from here:

And right now the phone is running again :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed that it will keep working.

Interesting that what looked like a hardware problem, probably was a software problem.

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