Fairphone 2 not fast enough to cut videos in VideoShow?


I know that some apps don’t work properly on Fairphone 2. I need to cut small videos on the phone. I tried to install the Adroid version of Videolicious but i was not able to install it. Then I treid VideoShow 5.3.0. It did work some time - but then the phone did not react any more. Is this a software problem or is it about the processor (not fast enough?!)?

As well my MuPro-App for ANdroid is not really nice to handle on the Fairphone. Buttons are too small…

Thanks for your helo

I’m not a 100% sure about this, since I don’t use any resource heavy apps yet (except for a few benchmarks I ran), but I read on some other topics that the FP2 has some trouble with very cpu-intense apps like some games etc. So I guess it might have to do with that. It’s probably gonna be fixed in one of the upcoming patches I guess…

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