Fairphone 2 not charging correctly, getting hot while charging, battery level showing wrong state

Hi everybody,

I’m facing a battery problem with my Fairphone 2. (battery is less than 1yo)
My phone doesn’t seem to be charging properly for a few days. The green light isn’t always switched on when charging, the level of battery can drop from 56% to 10% or less in a few seconds and come back to 67% quickly or if rebooting. The phone is often showing 2 different levels of battery, a low level is showned before to unlock the screen (e.g.50%) but then, on the main screen, the level shown id 94%…

How could I fix this issue without having to buy a new battery or processor? (I have this phone for more than 2 years and I’m bored of these spare-parts wastes)

Thanks in advance,


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See #batteryguide

Thanks for your help @AnotherElk . I’ll follow the advice given on the battery guide and give my feedback afterward.
I’ve already downloaded a battery calibration app that helped keeping some percentages of battery a little longer.

Hi all,
Just a little update about my issue.

I followed the instructions on the previous link. I tried to reset my battery a few times… It works sometimes but I’m facing other issues since then…
Over warming phone, phone only charging when off…

I’m highly disappointed with my “Fair” phone…
I have been facing so many problems with this expensive phone… I’m desperate. Seriously. I’ve the feeling I fell into a scam when I believed in this company…

If you recalibrated your battery and it is still flakey, then I suggest you replace it for 20 EUR and recycle your current one. If you depleted your battery every day that is 700 charges. Apple wants you to service your device after approx 1000 charges, but it possibly is already going bad before that.

Hi @JeroenH,

Thanks for your message.
I did, I recalibrated my battery.
This battery is only on my possession since last January. I’m worried about this over consumption of batteries and other spear parts. I have been forced to buy a new top and a bottom module the past months as well… Even if it would be 1€, it is unfair to make crap products to force clients to buy something every 6months or so.

Warranty on batteries is 1 year, warranty on the phone is 2 years.
#contactsupport .

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Thanks @AnotherElk,

I’ve sent a request last night and it had been treated this morning already. Fairphone will send me a new battery this week.
(Which makes me feel really bad for producing more waste…)

Anyway, thanks for your help. It was really appreciated.


The battery can be (partly) recycled, but you need to do that locally.

Fairphone does handle recycling of all other parts:


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