Fairphone 2 noobie- help!

So, I got my fp2 this weekend and am having a hard time figuring it out. So here is a list of my questions and hopefully someone can help me. Thanks :smile:

  1. Text messages; when I send and receive messages, the name of my simcard shows up.It’s just unnecessary and annoying. How can I make this go away? :confused:

  2. Ringtone: I would like to change my ringtone to a song I have on my phone. But it dosent seem to be an option for that?

  3. Battery: I have seen that others have the same problem but to be honest the forum was a little confusing to me and I had a hard time understanding what the solutions were. The phone is draining the battery and get quite hot. When I went to bed at 23 yesterday ( 11 pm) with 30 % and woke up at 3 (am) because the phone was shouting down because the battery was completely drained.

  4. Wordlist: the lack of one. When I write, I would like word suggestions to appear so when I make a spelling mistake I can easily correct the word instead of having to delete the word and start again.

Sorry if I seem ungreatfull, I just want my new phone to work for me :disappointed_relieved:

You’ll need an App for that like ringdroid.

Could be one of your SIMs that is causing this. Take them out for a night and see if it solves the problem. If so go one night with one and the next with the other SIM to see which one causes the problems.

Settings > Language & Input > Android Keyboard (AOSP) > Text correction > Show correction suggestions


Thank you so much for your repley! I only have one simcard… I did what you suggested with the word list, but with no luck :confused: Still no word suggestions @paulakreuzer

I installert the google keyboard, works really well :slightly_smiling:

That really annoys me too! I hope there’s a way of getting rid of it…


I have renamed my SIM card to a dash sign “-” using Settings > SIM Cards > SIM 1.

Doesn’t solve the problem, but I hope you’ll agree it’s a neat workaround.

Re the other points:

2: You can use your favourite song! Use the Amaze file manager to copy the file to the “Ringtones” folder and then go to Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Phone ringtone; you should see it in the list. If that doesn’t work, you might need to convert the file on your PC before copying it to your phone. I find the Ogg Vorbis format works well and VLC is good software for converting it.


for the 2nd problem, a more convenient solution is to install Apollo music player (e.g. from fdroid). It’s a very comfortable audio player that has a menu option to make any song the ringtone.

Own music as ringtone: on my phone is installed filemanager TotalCommander. If I go to Settings/Ringtones/ there appears a question “action complete with” and I get the choice “mediastore” and “TotalCommander”. I take TC for “only now” and can chose anything for ringtone.

I have FP2 with german language here, so my translations might be wrong …

1: I have the same problem and still haven’t found a solution, it’s really annoying :worried:

2: All I did to make that work is I connected my phone to my computer (like when you charge it) and I copied whatever song from my computer I wanted then went into the phone files and then I think I pasted the song of my choice into the ringtone folder or something.

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Use the app Amaze to check is your ringtone is in the folder Ringtone on the Storage, sdcard0
Then go to app Phone, tap on the three dots on top of the screen on the right. Go to Settings,
General settings, go to Phone ringtone and your own ringtone should be there in the list to choose.

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Me too! It is really confusing cos it looks like the person’s name.

Did you try this workaround yet? I did it too, and for me it solves the problem.[quote=“Jayelbe, post:6, topic:13330”]
I have renamed my SIM card to a dash sign “-” using Settings > SIM Cards > SIM 1.

Doesn’t solve the problem, but I hope you’ll agree it’s a neat workaround.

Thanks guys. That’ll do for now…