Fairphone 2: New Release of Fairphone Open?

The last release of Fairphone Open for Fairphone 2 was on Dec 10, 2019:


Since then I have not heard any news.

When will the next version be released?


The beta testing phase for Android 9 is currently ongoing, no date for release has yet been set.


Hello guys,

Thanks for the topic. I was asking myself this as well.

Does anyone, who has access to the beta testing forum, has view on the process made?
Are there still a lot of new issues comming up? Or not?

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The Fairphone OS Android 9 bugtracker is public. A new beta has been made available today to those who have signed up for the beta program.

On a different note, I would strongly invite everyone who has been using Fairphone Open OS for the FP2 so far to consider either LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) or /e/OS (Android 9) for the FP2. Both offer Android without Google as well.


Hi @urs_lesse thanks for your advice.
Why would you recommend to consider LineageOS or /e/OS ?

The Fairphone OS Android 9 bugtracker shows many unassigned but not rejected issues. I assume that the ne release will need some more time.

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In a way LineageOS and /e/OS are both similar to Fairphone Open because you are getting an Android without the Google baggage. As I mentioned, both are now at least on Android 9 and are getting security patches frequently (LineageOS roughly weekly, /e/OS like twice a month or so, if my memory is right). /e/OS comes with the Bliss launcher (you can still change that launcher if you want) which gives it a bit of an iOS look, has an optional app store of its own and also offers the option to sync your data without Google. LineageOS on the other hand is more like a bare bones or blank sheet Android that comes with a very small number of pre-installed apps and leaves it to you from the start how you want things to work like.
I don’t want to tell too much though as I am not using an FP2 as an everyday phone though.

I see you are in an area where you might have a good chance to find a Fairphone Angel who might be willing to show you one of these two OS options. @angels_zurich


Hello klt,

I´m one of those Angels and using LineageOS and can show it to you :slight_smile:

I live in Cham/ZG.


As an addition to what @urs_lesse said, the current Android 9 beta is FPOS (not FP Open) and FP open is (only) supposed to follow at a later stage…


Hello urs_lesse,

Thanks for the advice!
However, on https://e.foundation/get-started/ they are mentioning that /e/ is still in beta stage, and that the OS is usable but not stable.

Also, I am reading on https://www.xda-developers.com/e-google-free-lineageos-fork-nexus-oneplus-xiaomi/ that /e/ is a google-free fork of lineage OS. This means that lineage OS contains code, sending data to google, right?

I’m not an expert, but I think that LineageOS is no more Google-related than Fairphone Open. What you are quoting actually refers (in my interpretation) to the fact that /e/ adds some convenience features (an app store, sync services etc.) people might otherwise miss in a plain LineageOS, and that those features do not simply restore the Google convenience features (Play Store, Google Services etc.).

But @Volker knows this all better than I do. :angel:

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It’s correct that it’s still “beta” and there remain topics to do. But I’d say it’s stable. I’ve been using it on my FP2 for more than 2 years and can say that for me it has always been stable.

I think that there’s only very little code in LineageOS sending data to Google. But e.g. one famous topic is the wifi internet/hotspot check which tries to connect to Google servers for that check.

I agree.


About that “sending data to google” it might be better to replace it with “contacts google servers”. That always means sending some data to google. But “sending data to” might be misunderstood as “gathers information about you/your phone and store that in your profile at google”.

Not sure if this describes all, but here is an explanation how to further degoogle Lineage OS from 2019:

As you can see it’s not a very long list.


Thanks a lot, will definitely give /e/ or lineageOS a try.
However, I also really fancy Ubuntu Touch, since it can also act as a desktop.
What are your opinions on running UT on FP2? Is it stable/doable?


It seems that changing the OS is some effort to do because one needs to reinstall and configure all the apps, e.g. passwords for Mail, Nextcloud etc.

I am happy with Fairphone Open 19.11.2 and I am not sure anymore that changing to a newer OS is worth the effort.

My main concern is security: Fairphone Open 19.11.2 based on Android 7 is quite old.

Is it still safe to use Fairphone Open 19.11.2?

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The blunt answer is: No.
Running FPOOS 19.11.2 you’re missing nearly 1 year of security patches. So it’s not safe. But still, you’re not alone with a phone missing security patches and you’ve to decide yourself if you accept the risk or if you go the effort to change the OS resp. reinstall apps/data.

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The biggest problems can occur when you install stuff from insecure sources and click wildly on all advertisements and links. If you don’t do that, you are still on a safe track even with an “old” OS.


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