Fairphone 2: never ending reboot cycle

Hello all :slight_smile:
My fairphone 2 wont turn on anymore.

If i connect it, the red light flashes as if the battery needs a kickstart.
(Kickstart wont work, nor will taking out the battery all together)

As soon as you connect the phone to a power souce it will try to boot: the screen lights up, the logo appears but the the screen turns off again. Afterwards it starts again in an endless loop of trying to boot. Screen on,logo,screen off, repeat…

The phone was bought less then 2 years ago so there should be a warrenty exept for the battery.

There are some verry important data on the internal storage so i would be really glad if its possible to repair without factory reset.

Kind regards Fabian

Have you tried to keep it off, but charge it from a good source such as a powerbank?

I did not try to turn it on. As soon as i connect it to the powersource it starts the boot circle.

I tried different kinds of powersources and cables

Does this happen as well when the case is not on the phone?

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Please remove the case from the phone and make sure the power button isn’t somehow stuck.
(Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds forces a reboot.)

Maybe the battery contacts are not connecting reliably or need some cleaning.
You could also read through the #batteryguide and #emptybattery.
In rare cases the cause was a broken/spent battery, but could also reveal a broken bottom module. To check on this we have our #fairphoneangels which may fly around in your close vicinity.

This is a usual behavior if there is no battery inserted/no battery recognized (due to improper connection, broken bottom module etc.).

I have also tried all that and no luck. The funny thing is that I have barely used the phone in years as I had my earpiece damaged, I live in south America now and since i bought it last year, I have not been able to install it. Therefore, not used it.

It is also interestingly frustrating that this phone, in which I had so much faith, has turned out to be the worse phone I have ever had. The case which was replaced for free (thank you team) decided to break again, unstick from the sides, sitting in the drawer.

I came to get the dust out of it and use it at least as a tethering device, even if I could not use it in its full form,… to find out that it keeps rebooting itself continuosly. I bought two batteries last year too… so it is very frustrating that the most expensive phone I have ever had, because I believed in the company´s values, has become so disappointing in practice. However I still think it is a great concept. Maybe I had the bad luck to have the worst piece from factory. I have spent too much money in parts and repair so far, and not even been able to use it for three months in a row perhaps…

The curious thing is that my most favourite phone ever has been the FP1U which I currently use and has been the most loyal little thing I´ve known, such a great little thang… I managed to adapt a battery HB5N1H with a bit of rubber at the bottom and i cut a little corner for the battery to fit at the top and I was able to overcome the problem that no more batteries were ever available for this amazing little thing.

So,… totally unhappy about the FP2 and totally impressed by the FP1U, which is still my best tool after so many years and overriding the FP2 by far!

TBH FP Team, I dont know what to do abou this device. I am ever so frustrated, you must know from all my previous communications. Please could you provide me with a solution? Thank you!

For what it’s worth, Fairphone acknowledged this was a general design fault with the “regular case” long ago, and you would have gotten the newer “slim case” (introduced around October 2016) for free.

Perhaps you still could get it for free if you would ask them, but living in South America, to where Fairphone doesn’t ship, you would need a proxy address in Europe to handle shipments (if there’s no family/ friends/ acquaintances, you could ask here in the forum).

This is a community forum, not the company. Fairphone staff occasionally might read along and engage, or not.
If you say previous communications … you did #contactsupport about this in the past?


I had a similar problem! Solution for me, was to buy a new battery!
While using the phone, I had some reset, and then the phone entered in endless reboots. It could stop when I connect the power (but not immediately). It becomes worst and worst with time, the problem appears first at low battery level, but at the end it appears at high battery level (around 75%).
With the new battery no more problem.
But I wonder why my first battery last only 1.5 years. This is a bit short. Will I need to buy a battery every 1.5 years, or was I not lucky, I got a bad battery?

How long a battery will last depends on many factors, but as a reference Fairphone’s warranty for the battery spans 1 year, when for the other parts of the phone it’s 2 years.

Sounds like it simply was time for a new battery for you.,

There are hints about making the most of it in the #batteryguide.

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