Fairphone 2 microphone

Hello, i have a problem when i call since few days… People don’t hear me except when i put the mode loud speaker. I have already clean the fairphone.
I have seen on internet that my this symptom is recurrent.

Can you help me ? Do I need to disassemble my fairphone, detache the microphone and put it again ?

(sorry for my bad english)

Yes, that is good suggestion. :slight_smile: You can find more instructions here:


Thanks for this topic ! I want to share my experience beacause it’s very very weird !
First step, i have read the instruction and try the primary microphone on the maintenance setting. It has not worked… I try the second microphone, same thing… I have come back to the primary test again and this was working. I check up everything, try to call me etc. and it was com back to the normal situation.

I don’t know if there is a contact failure or just the maintenance debug my fairphone 2.

I’ve had a similar problem - for the last few days whenever I am on the phone, the other person cannot hear me. I tried the primary microphone troubleshooting (removed the bottom module and replaced it). When I tried the primary microphone test again, I could hear myself but it was echoing so I would say a word and it would repeat several times. Is this normal or do I need a replacement microphone?

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I’m not an expert but if i have correctly understand, the test is good when you can hear your voice until you speak on the microphone.
So if you talk about the echos produce when you speak on the test i think it’s normal. You can also test by recording you with the application recorder and play your recording.


Hello again, finally yesterday the primary microphone stop working. Maybe, i had a short miracle for few hours. However, the second microphone work correctly, can you help me, what piece i need to change ? I think it’s the bottom module but i’m not sur.

I have had the same issue with my microphone. I tried the tests in maintenance and nothing happened. No sound at all. But it doesn’t give you a next step! What do they suggest? I looked on the troubleshooting page on here and it said take the bottom section out but I haven’t had time yet. Tonight I tried checking the maintenance test again just to see and the first microphone had a really weird buzzing noise but not my voice. The second microphone was very faint but I could just hear my voice. Very weird. Am going to try taking the bottom unit out tomorrow and see if that helps.

Yes, the bottom module. You will see a microphone symbol on the bottom module. :slight_smile:

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