Fairphone 2 - list of news coverage and specifications

I myself was hoping to save money just lowering specs.


[…] Everything else is not just under the current leading specs […]

The author does not also consider that European goods are taxed more then asian and US counterparts (at least until TTIP is forced unto us, which may be good for Fairphone but will most probably force deregulation of some good EU health and consumer protection laws).

If someone wants a cheaper fairphone with lower specs he can get a second-hand FP1! I’m sure there will be lots available once FP2 sale has started. :smiley:
And who knows, Fairphone may still release cheaper modules for the FP2.


Yeah right… but now on eBay there’s just one for sale (one in the whole world) and it cost nearly as much as new with 6 days to go. I prematurely passed mine to my little sis :cry:

Or they may release a (smaller & cheaper) FP2 mini!

You can always ask on the unofficial marketplace. It’s probably better to buy one there and not let ebay get a slice of the pie.

I don’t think they are planning to do so. And even if - since we know their plans for the next two years (selling the FP2 in Europe and then outside) - it will probably take at least three years.

In the marketstore there’s just one… which happens to be the one on eBay. 264 euros for a used & scratched FP1 is not appropriate. I wonder if I could build a FP by buying all individual parts in the shop :smile:

(edit 1: it looks like I can’t, not all parts seem to be for sale)
(edit 2: found the missing flash somewhere else and ordered all other parts)
(edit 3: some plastics on the display seem to be missing :fearful: waiting for feedback from FP support)
(edit 4: missing plastics provided by FP support)
(edit 5: FP support not happpy I ordered spare parts to buid a whole phone :sweat_smile: )
(edit 6: I built a FairPhone 1 from parts! :stuck_out_tongue: )


You’re not the first one to ask that question:

I guess that’s another great advantage of a modular phone. :smile:

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does anyone know, what kind of hole is there on the top of the FP2? I am not talking about the standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack. For me it looks like a 2.5mm Phone Connector. Any Ideas?


I don’t know but it seems to be connected to the camera. At least it is very close. :wink:

hm, I know DSLRs with 2.5mm connectors for external Shutterbuttons. But imo thats not a useful feature for the FP2-Frontcamera.

Must be something like a proximity sensor, or light sensor to regulate your display brightness or similar, I guess.

Now the forum is back online… Here is the first hands-on video of the Fairphone 2 prototype! The video is in Dutch, but it has English subtitles.

This video gives a great look at the modularity of the FP2. They remove the screen, the camera module… And the phone looks better than I expected.

What I liked most, is that Bibi Bleekemolen of Fairphone explicitly refers to possible future upgrades in, for instance, the camera or battery. The modularity makes it possible, but the phone was specifically designed to deal with improvement-replacements as well as broken-part-replacement. Awesome.


KPN will sell the Fairphone 2 in the Netherlands: http://corporate.kpn.com/kpn-actueel/nieuwsberichten-1/kpn-omarmt-verbeterde-fairphone.htm

It’s good that KPN supports the Fairphone message, which will help spread the news and sell the phone. However, I don’t quite forsee the impact of this. Why would you buy the phone via KPN and not directly from Fairphone? Will they offer a discount, or include the price in your monthly payments?

Maybe people already have a subscription contract with KPN that gives them a new phone every other year. That way they don’t need to cancel their contract to get a Fairphone.

Not to mention the other great advantage: You don’t have to pay >500Euro up front but can pay it in monthly installments.

Just a stupid question:
Does anyone in this forum know when the shop for the FP2 opens?
As it says on the shop-page --> it start’s summer (guess it already IS summer).
Thx and have a nice week (though the temperatures are still HIGH).

My guess is that pre-orders will start in September and delivery before Christmas! :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone in this thread dying to get their hands on the Fairphone 2 prototype: you can! Coming Friday, June 10th, we are all welcome at the Fairphone office in Amsterdam. RSVP and check out more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/856667607701731/

Also, I’m adding this piece by the Huffington Post to the wiki post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brad-hurley/why-i-love-the-fairphonea_b_7735568.html
It’s short, its positive, and it emphasizes that it’s most fair to keep your current phone for as long as you can.

Damn, this FP2 is getting some international media attention. I’m really hoping this will have its effect on spreading the Fairphone message as well as on selling a lot of FP2’s.


Coming back after a delay - that’s interesting. I wonder if those different levels of protection will include “none” as an option (I prefer to use a leather pouch).

…and be stuck on Android 4.2.2 forever. Forever as in another year or so.


@adrian I would like that option to be available. I would also really like to see a flipcover, so that all sides of the phone are protected, including the screen.

I don’t remember exactly but I think I’ve read on article where they mentioned that a less sturdy cover option is a possibility. However I don’t remember whether that was a quote from Fairphone or just a journalist imagining future possibilities, or maybe a maker who pondered on 3D-printing options.

The last part however should definitely work: Fairphone will again make available detailed drawings for all of us to create our own cases. So you should be able to create your own level of protection. Whether “none” is such an option, needs to be waited for. I can imagine at least the battery needs to be held in place by something. If your leather pouch is capable of that, then you should be fine.