Fairphone 2 laggy and irresponsive

Recently I have experienced that my phone of all a sudden becomes irresponsive and very laggy. I had this a couple of months ago a couple of times and then it vanished.

More specifically, apps take a lot of time to start up (from the usual 1-2 seconds to 5-6 seconds), when writing of the keyboard (swift key), it all of a sudden stops and I have to wait some seconds until “typing” takes up again. These are just some examples.

Weirdly, after a couple of hours or a day, the symptoms vanish and the phone is back to normal > independent of a reboot (i.e. reboot doesn’t help).

I run the latest official OS and have uninstalled apps that I thought could be resource mongers. Also I regularly checked the currently available RAM and it was always all in the green zone (like 50% RAM used) during the weird behavior.

What can I do? I don’t see any pattern so I don’t know where to start debugging. Is this a hardware issue?

this sounds familiar. don’t have solution though, but it sounds like my phone too :slight_smile:

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Has nobody else experienced this? Should I return the phone for repair?

Sorry you didn’t receive any hekp yet.

Have you tried a hard reset? If you do that make sure to have a good backup first as it erases everything.

PS or try safe mode to see if it’s caused by apps:

My phone has lagged and gone totally numb at least 10 times today. Only way to get something to happen is to take the battery out and restart, Some of the times it just numbs at any “page” and sometimes it goes all black. Shall I return it?

Hi! I’ve experienced the same issues plus some black screen and some charging issues with my FP2 for the past 4 days. I’ve just rebbot it in safe mode and install the latest update (fairphone os 1.8.1) And after a quick restart the phone works perfecly. I hope it will last and that my response helps you!
Sorry if my english sucks!

Thanks for your reply. My phone sais it has the latest update. When I try to reinstall it anyhow it get stuck. Any one else with this problem? Regarding battery problem: My battrey suddenly only lasts for approx 2 h when fully recharged. Was that a problem you also had?

Try a kickstart of the battery:
To kickstart the battery: Take out the battery of the phone; Wait for half an hour and put the battery back in the phone; Connect the Fairphone to a charger; If the charging light is blinking, it means that the battery was totally empty, wait for some minutes until the red light becomes fixed; A loading battery icon should appear for a few seconds (a short press on the power button will display it); Please keep on charging for more than an hour because the battery was likely totally drained. You might need to do it twice - or at least let it shut down by itself twice - before the report is better.

I haven’t tried it, but if I do, I will also lose my “you had your fairphone for x months y days …”, not?

Titanium Backup and Nandroid Backups (TWRP) save that info.

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