Fairphone 2 is dead

my fairphone bearly starts. Just one second (at the most) of the very first startup screen (you know with ‘Fairphone’ and ‘Powerd by Android’ in B/W) and some red flashes from the LED. Thats it, it stops and then tries again after a few second.
Anybody has any ideas?

Thank you all!

My son’s phone had the same symptoms, and it was a hardware issue with the motherboard :frowning:

Could the battery be flat?

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Hi Dietmar.
Definitily not. But it is a train of thought. Maybe something on the motherboard makes the phone think it is. Electricity not flowing to the motherboard. Maybe even bad contacts.
I’ll have a look.

This is supposed to indicate a totally discharged battery.

See this support page, in particular on kickstarting the battery and possibly replacing the SIM.

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