Fairphone 2 indigo, refurbished but still sealed in box (sold)

Hi everyone,

I have a Fairphone 2, in indigo color for sale.
The condition is refurbished but it is still sealed in the box from Fairphone so everything is checked by Fairphone themselves and should be perfectly fine.

As the phone is freshly refurbished I take it that warranty is restored to 2 years, here’s a link of fairphones policy. Link

  • And yes I bought this as a refurbished phone from Fairphone, see comment below.

The reason for selling it is because of classic miscommunication, the phone was for my wife but she already arranged another one. :sweat_smile: (
The story is a bit longer, happy to share if you’re interested.

I’m located in Utrecht, Netherlands, but if you’re interested we will figure something out.

Would like 375 euro’s for the Phone.
If you are interested, please make me an offer.

Please contact me here:

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The two year warranty on refurbished phones is only applicable if you bought a refurbished phone instead of buying a new phone.

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