Fairphone 2 incompatible with android pay

Although Android Pay says it is for kit kat and above Google play says my device is incompatible. Why is this and when will I be able to use it

I seem to recall that Android Pay requires a device with NFC hardware, which neither Fairphone device has.


This is correct. Google bought another company some time ago for their knowledge in near-field communications-based mobile payments platforms. This is all is now known as Android Pay. The phone needs to support “NFC (Near Field Communication) and HCE (Host Card Emulation)”. You will not be able to use Android Pay with a FP2.

But as far as I understand the whole concept, QR codes would work as well. It’s nothing fancy, just exchanging a number. But I guess NFC is somehow more fancy and it does not need a display at the POS.

Just out of personal curiosity: For what kind of use case do you need this form of payment? I’m just wondering, because it gives you less control, but you will be tracked even more.

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