Fairphone 2 hardware extensions

@YileKu I moved your post here too as all we know so far is gathered here.

Wow. This is the most friendly and positive comment on my work I have ever got. It is much inspirational and motivating.

If you REALLY want to help you can always get a github account, suggest an edit to the page and be an official contributor to this community-dev-package in-the-making. But please don’t sweat it.

I don’t have all the specs (and not keeping anything to myself…), but if you have any questions feel free to fire, would love to see another hardware developer here. Can you do 3D design and PCB layouts?

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Useful as well. I wonder if someone will build an easy charging/talking to the device cradle in the near future. One flat thing for the back of the phone and a cradle to place on your desk. It should slip in easily, so on does not have to worry about connectors/cables/charging that much.

It would also be nice to sell one that provides a 2nd phone usb port to the outside for easier testing of new stuff.

For that you can use the USB connector at the bottom of the FP2. But I don’t know if it’s possible to charge the FP2 and connect an external device at the same time.

This is also possible with the USB connector at the bottom of the FP2. Just go and buy an USB OTG cable.

That cable is actually from Amazon. I have tried it with a mouse which worked with the FP2.

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That would make for a funny picture. I’d appreciate to see this! :woot:

Those things break faster than you think, at least on my devices :wink: That why I want external connectors, and an easy way to charge it, just by “placing” it somewhere.

You mistake making a statement with a derogatory comment, though I’d admit I was slightly underwhelmed by the way you answered my post about this pin. I’ll take you up on the contributing part, you now have a pull request waiting for your approval.

KABOOM! Thanks and welcome to the dev club :wink:

To celebrate the first contributor I will put some new info up there today.

Put drawing of available space for projects up

You get a mouse cusor in this case. In this screenshot you see it:

Well, the mouse wheel does not work in all applications. In Firefox and the app drawer, the wheel works, in Amaze not. All mouse buttons do the same, like the left mouse button on your computer. If you want to have the function of the right mouse button, so have a long press on one of the buttons. The mouse cursor seems to be a “virtual finger”.


Yes I can do 3D designs and layout. I want to know if the specs for the network interface are open or if there is a USB hub in the phone that is accessible. I am interested in building a module that is ‘internal’ to the phone not external.

If one wished to build a module that connected to the internal USB 2.0
connector what size could the module be? Is there an example CAD
drawing for such a module and can I get it? Is there a CAD drawing of
the Fairphone 2 internals, and can I get it?


How, cool. That would mean that the FP2 is able to power an external device via its USB port.
This is great, because on other phones I had to use an external powered hub, which make it much less convenient to use.
Could you try the same with a keyboard ?
I just fear it could quickly drain the battery out…

EDIT : What about a gamepad, a sound card … im starting to dream, haha


Haha to use it with a gamepad would be really cool :slightly_smiling:

Does anyone know how the charging input on the 5 pin back connector works?

I have a bunch of Palm touchstones (wireless chargers) along with the coils that go in the back of the case, which I already hacked into my old Samsung Galaxy S3. It would be great to re-use them again with my Fairphone2.


It’s pin 2 in @dvl’s schematics: https://github.com/dirkvl/FairPhone

Thanks, I saw the excellent resources that @dvl has put up, and that makes it relatively easy for external USB-style add ons.

What it doesn’t say is what voltage or current the charging pin needs.

In an ideal world this would be +5v and connecting any USB charger to it would work. I could work with that. What I don’t want to do is connect random voltages to the phone until it blows up.


Yeah I don’t have specs on what is behind the charging pin, but you can be relatively safe to assume it will accept 5V.

Thanks. Hmm, then a hack with my Palm touchstone will be forthcoming. Perhaps I’ll 3D print a case for this one.

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So, looking at the Palm touchstone, I measure 5.5v unloaded, and 5.3v when I load the charger.

Measuring the bus pin on the back of the Fairphone, I get 4v with the phone not charging, which makes me a bit nervous going over the standard 5.25v limit.

Does anyone know (for sure) if 5.5v would damage the charge pin? I really don’t want to destroy my new phone.


Maybe someone from the fairphone team can confirm they put a 5.5V zener diode -or something equivalent- behind that pin? (or not)

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Well, for this, you should either contact support directly or ask @Douwe to investigate (or point out a better contact ;)).