Fairphone 2 (FP2) Emergency Download Mode (EDL Mode?)

Hello All!

I have a friend with bricked FP2 Mainboard (Boatloader somehow locked), this is not possible to to flash the device via Fastboot. (Bootloader doesn’t allow to flash every partition)

Fairphone support of course refuse to repair this problem on warranty

I know, that Qualcomm Device are not brickable (when you have the right tools)

I have all needed Tools:
UFS HWK Turbo Box with Qualcomm 801v2 Support
EDL Cable (Deep Flash Cable)

Can someone from the Fairphone Team or from our gurus give me access to the original FP2 boatloader or tell me the procedure for unbricking?

FP2 is a “rare” device, so Information on XDADevelopers is verylimited…

It would help me and many other people haveing the same problem…


Just an idea: Is it possible that emmc_appsboot.mbn which is inside the manual-zips (from here) solves your problem? :wink:

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Thanks, but i think, i tryed it alredy. it need to be flashed other way. Not via fastboot…

It would be very good gesture from Fairphone BV to release a Factory flashing Firmware Image e.g. Tools for Flashing in EDL Mode.

If FP2 is “Yours to open, yours to keep” - than it should be also rapairable also Software-wide… IMHO.


Hello explit,
did you manage it to bring the Fairphone in EDL mode?

Unfortunately not.
My situation was a boot loader which was locked somehow. The FP2 has always booted in fastboot mode.
It was not possible to boot in in EDL.

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