Fairphone 2 for Sale - UK Only

I am selling my Fairphone 2 that I have had from new since May 2017.

The phone is in perfect working order with Android 7.1.2 installed with Fairphone OS 19.05.3 The camera and top module have been upgraded to the 5MP front facing and 12MP rear facing. I’ll include the old modules with the phone as spares.

It comes with two batteries; the original one which still does a pretty good job and a new one that I got in December 2018.

I will also include the SanDisk Extreme 32GB micro SD card that I have been using in the phone.

The screen has two small bright spots but they are only visible against a white background and you soon get used to them!

Will be listing on ebay if no takers - looking for £250 + shipping costs but only in the UK.

PM me if interested


Nice deal. Out of curiosity, how come you’re selling it?

It wasn’t meeting my needs so have switched to a different phone.

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Hello, nice phone, a curiosity: why do you sell it only in the UK? Ethnic problems or something else?

Just easier and cheaper for shipping if it is UK only.

Ok, but if I pay the shipping costs, there should be no problems. At least before Brexit… :wink:

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