Fairphone 2 for sale - located Germany, Bavaria

Sad but true, I’m going to sell my Fairphone 2.
It is one of the first 17.418 batch, coming with a blue back cover.
Battery has been changed twice, the new camera module is in place.
I did a factory reset and the system update, so it is running Android 7.1.2/Fairphone OS 19.11.2.
More pictures if you send me a direct message.
Fair selling price is EUR 210, plus P+P if necessary. Located in Bamberg, Germany.

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Hi Marc,

Did you perhaps renew the top module/selfie camera? Is there a possibility you’d be willing to sell it to me?

Gruss, Julia

Hi, I am interested. Is the phone still available?

Hi, yes it is.


Sorry, got another one in the mean time.

Looking for fairphone2 to get me through till lineage os gets ported to fairphone3.

Is this still available and could you maybe send it to FIN?

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