Fairphone 2 for sale, extremely good condition

Hello! My dark blue Fairphone 2 is for sale. It’s in perfect working order and has only been used for a few months. The screen protector is still on it, and it comes complete with box etc. There are a few tiny scuffs on the plastic outer of the phone. Happy to supply photos if I can work out how to!

I would like to sell it for £378, which includes next day tracked and insured UK postage. Much cheaper and sooner than a brand new one! I live in the UK and would prefer to sell it in the UK if possible to make postage easier. If you live in or near Sheffield then just come and pick it up for £370.

I love this phone, but I only bought it because I didn’t think I could get a new screen for my fairphone1. Now I can repair my old phone, unfortunately I can’t justify having this one.

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