Fairphone 2 for sale 140€

Hello, I’m selling my Fairphone 2. I bought it in April 2018. Works well. The display module is kinda new (changed it June 2020), and it hasn’t got any scratch. I changed the microphone module a year ago. Battery is one year old.

Only one of the SIM card slots works
SD card slot works perfectly
there’s a sticker on the back of the case. You can remove it if u want.

Selling for 140€ (negotiable) excluding shipping costs (usually around 10€ for Europe)

any more information, let me know :slight_smile:

Can you place a photo of your phone with the date of today of tomorrow if you can’t do it today?

here it is!

Hi Loserkid,

Really interested in your phone, Im from France. Could you just tell us why you would like to change your phone ? Just in case, it is coming with extra battery, charger, USB-C cable, box and original invoices ? Thanks a lot.

Hello Cannelle!

the main reason is because of the camera quality, specially the frontal one. I’m not saying it’s a bad camera! It’s pretty good actually when there’s daylight, but I need something a little bit better.

I think I have the original battery, but it’s out of power and I won’t send it to you for obvious reasons… so no, there’s no extra battery sorry :confused: new battery are 20e, not bad at all. I can send to you as well the usb cable (but the charger is not USB-C), and yeah I think I can find the original box and invoices. :slight_smile:

Hello Loserkid, I’ve been looking for a fairphone 2 for a while since my previous mobile stopped working. I’m very interested in your phone, despite the sim slot issue.
In my case the phone should be shipped to northern Italy, let me know if you have already privtely agreed the sale with Cannelle or not.
Thanks and have a nice day,

hey! i’m interested, have you already sold it?

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Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. Having a good camera and 2d sim lock is quite important for me, so I prefer letting the phone to others interested. Thanks again !

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