Fairphone 2 doesn't switch on

Hi, my battery died. I put it on the charger 2hours ago and I still can’t switch the phone on. Can anyone help?

I have the same problem. The battery is completely dead now, and when I charge it, it has this blinking red light for a while - but then nothing. When the blinking dies, the whole phone is dead, and there’s nothing I can do to change that.
It’s been like this for almost a week, and when I did manage to charge it (by holding the charger at a strange angle, pushing it into the phone) the battery was incredibly powerful and lasted a whole day on a charge of 28%

Please see the #batteryguide for a start.

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Are you on Android 7? Maybe you’ve run into this bug: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/26


After gathering lots of experience with deep discharged batteries as a #fairphoneangels I just wrote a new guide. See #emptybattery .


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