Fairphone 2 does not power off when running LineageOS – Help required

I have this issue as well. Never noticed until I read this thread. I guess I never shut down my FP2. Maybe removing the battery is a good workaround for now.

This issue has never occurred in GMS or Open, according to our dev team.


I have the reboot issue with the new camera moduls as well. I get a update every week and I wonder wether anyone is working on a solution or just a workaround.

Some days ago had the absolutely worst case of this issue: My akku was completely down, so the device switched off itsself and tried one reboot after another, until I took the akku out of the phone to prevent it from damage.

What’s about FPOS? Is it the same with Android 6.1? I think about returning to it only because of this bug.


One post above yours, actually …

Remember that LineageOS is not officially supported.

@Douwe Are there known cases of hopelessly bricked Fairphone 2 because of boot/ reboot trouble?

not that I am aware of. But in this case I would advice installing Fairphone Open or Fairphone OS and see if the bug is gone.


Sorry about unprezise grammar. I was afraid to brick my Akku, not the phone.

Thank You for the Link to the workaround. I think I faster get out the battery.

It still does not work. Current LOS version.


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The bug is not fixed yet.

Even “better” … it’s an Android 7 thing it seems … they have it in Fairphone’s Android 7 beta, too.


Not only Android 7!
I think it happens also for SailfishOS that is based on Android 6, right?


And this bug is also present with Lineage 15.1 (Android 8)…

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I think this even a problem on Fairphone open os. There must be a kernel bug on shutdown with new camera, but I don’t have new camera and could not deduce any problem from the logs. :thinking:

But what is the difference between the OS trying to shut down once booted, which fails, and the OS trying to shut down from the encryption password prompt when booting, which works?

Good point. I don’t know, but there are of course kernel/driver/firmware initialization steps that happen later that could cause trouble. Anyway this is more for Fairphone engineers to debug. I heard that new camera also causes trouble for encryption.


IMHO this is one of the nastiest bugs currently, my girlfriend (after I flashed LoS on her FP2) couldn’t believe, that such bugs even exist ;). If FPOS is als suffering, there is hope for a solution, that needs to come… soon.

Don’t know if this is still necessary, but I encounter the same problem. Received newly bought FP2 today (so I suppose it’s new camera modules back and front) and installed Lineage OS 15.1 right away (/w help of the forum btw) – phone will just instantly restart after powering off.

The currently still necessary workaround is to turn on flashlight/torch before shutting down the phone. This will help (in rare cases you might have to try that twice).


Where are the technical, inside, development updates from Fairphone on that ugly matter? As I predicted quite a few customers are really angry because of that bug :-/. In terms of reputation that was/is IMHO a bad communication strategy.

Thanks for the hint, mate.

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