Fairphone 2 DIY cover

Hello fairphoners,
since there are not really a lot specific fairphone accessories, I decided to create my own case. I wanted to have a rugged protection, when I put it into my backpack etc. Carrying a large piece of glas around all the times feels a bit like being the elephant in the porcelain store to me.
Anyway, it turned out ok and I would like to share the idea. Maybe someone gets inspired by this.

There is a magnet behind the bike patch, which keeps the closing flap in place.

I have to split the entry, to upload more pictures. Only one picture per post? Why is this?


I started with a sheet-metal plate, that I cut and bend so that the screen, sides and camera are protected. I glued a green fabric on it to prevent scratches. I left a few mm extra on the top. Everything in green on this picture has actually metal behind it. This is why I could use a magnet for the closing flap.

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Then I made a black “sock”, decorated it a bit, and put it over the metal frame. At last I hand-sewed the green metal-cover-fabric and the black outer “sock” together.

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To be able to easyly slide the phone out of the cover, I made and opening into the backside. Also looks nice :wink: The good thing about the cordura fabric I use is, that you do not necessarly need to fold the scissor-cut edges, because you can prevent the fabric from falling apart by melting the corners with a lighter. This is not possible with cotton!

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And that is it!

I would love to see some more cases/ideas from other people. DIY or die! It does not always have to be be perfect…


This is only a limitation to new users. After a short time on the forum, you will be able to post much more pictures.

Nice cover, by the way!

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Love the cover! Thanks for sharing your idea, I might give it a try : )

I made a leather pouch for the Fairphone. Due to shape of the phone, it’s not very easy to do (back with rounded edges).

I used a cow leather, thickness about 2 mm. All the parts are glued with super glue gel adhesive which remains (slightly) flexible.

For this model, I made a flap on the opening, see pictures for the details.

If you want to try something similar, make sure that the inner part is 0,5 - 1 mm wider than the phone to ensure it’s easy to slide it out. You can also put the flap on the long edge which also helps in this matter.
Good luck!


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