Fairphone 2 Display not working

Yesterday I received my Fairphone 2 from the reseller Vireo. When I first started the phone the display was working although it was flickering a bit. I installed the latest update through the updater app and everything was working fine. The problem was, that every time I locked the phone it was not possible to turn the screen on again when I pressed the power button. About 5-7 times over a period of maybe 7 hours the screen would turn on again when I tried to but when I locked the phone again it was not possible to turn it on again. I already removed the display module and put it back and I also removed the SIM card. Since this morning the screen doesn’t turn on at all. I have done the manual update from the Fairphone website and it was successful but the screen still doesn’t work. I don’t think it is a hardware issue because the display worked fine even after I removed it and all buttons work(I can take a screenshot for example and I can hear the sound from the phone).
I really don’t know what to do anymore since I have updated the phone already and that is all I can do without the screen working. Usually, I would think that the hardware is at fault, but yesterday I could use the phone for about 20 minutes total and it all worked fine. I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me or tell me where I could have done something wrong. Thank you in advance

Is there any dirt on the screen’s contacts? Otherwise, I would suggest to contact Fairphone support and have your screen replaced under warranty.

It could in theory be an issue with the core module; to check this you could try to find another Fairphoner near you and swap the screen.

Good idea. Here’s a map for locating a community or Fairphone Angel near you:

@Luis_Steidle Do the problems with your display corrolate to heavy usage and the phone being warm/hot in the cpu area?

Yes the phone indeed gets quite hot in the upper third of the back. I couldn’t link this to my display not working though. It is now possible for me to get the display to work if I take the battery out and restart the phone. This only works sometimes though and I have no idea why it is working sometimes and sometimes not. When the display is on the phone is running fine and I could use it without problems yet. If I lock the screen though it is not possible to unlock the phone again, the screen stays black. Again it is sometimes possible to turn the screen on and sometimes it stays black no matter what I do. Also the problem with a black screen after a call happens to me. I already checked my proximity sensor, cleaned any dust but nothing fixed it. I have already contacted support and am waiting for answer. I am thinking that there may be a fault with the contacts but I can’t understand why the display is working perfectly once it’s on. It’s the turning on part that is making me trouble. Thank you for your help I hope somebody has an idea what to do.

Hi, I’m just jumping on this thread as I’m having exactly the same issue. Have tried all the troubleshooting tips. Would be interested in any other suggestions. Will try and swap the screen with another user and see how I get on. Hopefully will be sorted soon as it is very frustrating not being able to use the phone…

In case this happens with a new screen then the most likely reason is that the OS is not up to date. Fortunately it’s possible to update the OS even with a not working screen:

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