Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay

After a few days of testing I can say, that the pointer location feature in the developer options solve the problem for me. With the pointer location I have only one to five jumps a day. Without I can’t use my phone because of the jumps.

So in my case it seems to be a software problem. At least it can be solved in a software way and now I will wait for updates.

Replacing the phone seems to have solved the problem totally. With the new phone I have not experienced the weird touchscreen once since then. So I consider this a hardware-problem.

Just a question to all having this issue, which device did you use for charging? I have seen similar behavior related to a charger with 2.5 A output. Maybe too much?!

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I have the same issues, no matter what situation I enqounter these reboots, crazy touch inputs etc. I have tested numerous chargers and in my case Samsung chargers with thick cable seems to solve the famous “charger problems”. I do however have some crazy inputs anyway, often after a reboot has occured.

In my case the only time I see trouble is when screen is on. If its off I can have heavy apps in the background, navigation and such. But as soon the screen is on no matter what I do with it its a ticking bomb that sooner or later reboots.

Have sent a support ticket a couple of weeks ago but no answer yet.

Hey there, this support article might be useful for some of you with this touchscreen issue on your Fairphone 2.


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I have this issue on my phone, and it has now become completely unusable. it makes it’s own calls, turns on the torch, opens apps, and generally flickers about all over the screen. I love the concept, but my phone is at chuck-it-out-of-the-window point. What’s really upsetting is that i’ve emailed the support team numerous times and haven’t had so much as an acknowledgement. sad-face :frowning:

The advice that support would give you is basically what’s in this support page.
In terms of contacting support - if you e-mail them they will first convert the e-mail into a support ticket, at which time you should get an automated response with your ticket number. If you’re unlucky either your e-mail got stuck in their spam filter, or, more commonly, their response got stuck in your spam filter. The safest way to open a ticket is via the support form, but always check to see whether you receive the automated response after submitting the form (as if you don’t receive one, the actual replies will also likely be lost).

Thank you Johannes, I have had a response now. You’re right, though, they did just suggest updating software and putting my ‘Touch and hold delay’ onto ‘short’. Unfortunately, my phone is already updated and on ‘short’, so these don’t help. Hopefully there are some more ideas. Meanwhile, the ‘Kids Paint’ thing gives me very odd patterns - i paint vertically up and down the screen but get mostly lots of little near-horizontal lines all

over the screen!

You are not alone. I have the exact same behavior. I managed via Supportticket to recieve a new phone. Fingers cross the display is fine with this one.

My phone is now constantly sensing input rapidly up and down across the screen, it’s unusable. I’ve raised a support request and hope it gets sorted asap, I’m also scared I’ll lose my Google Authenticator data which would really give me a bad time.

I have tried it with one bead at the cable: Didn’t make any difference!

Hi. My FP2 screen is frequently self-activating maniacally!
After waking it before unlocking, it shows numbers 1 and 4 pressing on the keypad and entering continually to the unlock screen until I take the battery out. When I do get it unlocked, it opens apps, rapidly pulls up and down the wifi/notifications box and switches the mobile data on and off, the light on and off, and the keypad is unresponsive. Sometimes after having the battery out for ten minutes it returns to normal for an hour or so before repeating the process.
This started about 2 weeks ago, and is becoming more frequent. I have carried out the FP update a month ago, and have not downloaded any apps this year. Help!

Mine does that too. Never noticed any difference whether charging or not.

Contact support to get your display module replaced. This is a common problem. I got my new display module within a week, and now my phone is finally working properly again.

My FP2 has started doing that today as well, but with the right hand side, and the number 3,6,9 on the lock screen. The phone is basically unusable now

I have used the kids paint thing. I only did vertical lines. the red and cyan horizontal ones you can see on the right hand side were entered by the phone itsself

Hi, I got this message from another user. Have contacted Support today…

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January 31 |

| Contact support to get your display module replaced. This is a common problem. I got my new display module within a week, and now my phone is finally working properly again. |

Thankyou! I have done this today…

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I wonder the same thing. Did it help to disassemle and reassble the phone?
Mine has been to reparation once (with the solution that the screen was loose and then fixed) But now, some weeks later, it shows the same manner again. It’s not able to start it because the screen is flickering and when I try to enter the pin code nothing happens. Somethings numbers that I did not press with my finger becomes visible on the screen. Like it is living its own life…