Fairphone 2 - continuously loading / difficulty charging

Hi everyone!

I’ve just replaced the bottom module on my FP 2 - as I thought a fault with it was the reason for the lack of connectivity between cable + charging port (had to hold it for it to connect).

This was after replacing the battery - as I had thought the difficulty charging might be due to a run down battery.

Now I’ve replaced both bottom module + battery, however it is taking quite some time to load. And it is not progressing past the lowest bar of the battery - even hours on.

I also noticed that the phone is very hot.

Do you have any ideas what might be wrong with the phone? And if there is a solution to fix it?

Thanks very much for your help! Hoping to revive it :slight_smile:

A first guess: did you try another cable and charger?
So many problems on the forum are caused by a faulty cable, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the case here as well.

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