Fairphone 2 cant get detected in fastbootmode

1.I Connect the Fairphone 2 to the computer via USB
2.I Turn on the Fairphone 2 with the Power taste and Volume- key pressed until they Fairphone logo shows up, but do not appear .
Appear only dim screen (i put a photo)

Please help.

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No problem on the phone so far, it’s just the UBports splash screen instead of only the Fairphone logo … Fastboot Mode should work anyway.

Which OS do you use on the computer?

Did you make sure to use a data cable? There are cables only for charging, which wouldn’t work for fastboot.

By “can’t get detected” you mean the fastboot devices command only gives you an empty line, not an error message or something helpful?

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Now I managed to get into recovery and wait for it to install? Or do I have to install something?thumbnail

I use Ubuntu on my computer and I use the same data cable when i instal for the first time Ubuntu touch on my phone Fairphone 2.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

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i want to work with ubuntu touch. It worked until I accidentally formatted ubuntu and couldn’t rebuild it.
I just want it to work again with ubuntu touch.

And the install doesn’t finish?

No and it doesn’t look like it would install it doesn’t run the screen and it doesn’t show any installation bar.

Then I would start over from the start … https://ubuntu-touch.io/get-ut


It works again.
Thank you all, I didn’t think anyone could help me so quickly.


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