Fairphone 2 can't complete start after OpenOs + Xposed upgrade


After 1 year working fine, I was starting to have geolocating problems with my byke app on my FP2 / OpenOS / Xposed.

I first checked for an update of the OS which I did (can’t remember which version, should be the latest 19.02.1). The phone booted fine but still no geolocation: app crached after attempting geolocation (some null pointer exception in the logs…).

Reluctantly, I tried to uninstall then update Xposed, I think I had SDK23 (Android 6.0) and it tried to download a SDK25 (Android 7.1). Think the first reboot was ok.

When I tried to update the modules however, The phone was unable to complete boot, it starts I have the animation but then I have a blank screen. However, the power button is reponding and if I press it I have access to the reboot / shutown menu.

I can also access TWRP, wipe caches but no success.
I tried to create a disabled file for the module but the directories doesn’t match with what I have found on internet.

I also tried to adb logcat my phone to try access the logs but the device is unauthorized, I don’t feel like typing the whole pub key in TWRP terminal, I could mount the ext SDCard on ubuntu as RW but couldn’t place the key on car, vim tells me the file seems to be RO.

Could you help me?


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