Fairphone 2 Auto shutdown

Dear Fairphone forum

My Fairphone2 does not function any longer. The display began behaving erratically 2 months ago - with glitches and small screen image jumps up and down, since then I have experienced strange things like the screen image splitting into different bits placed in the wrong order, one half of the screen image vertical the other horizontal, color inversions, but mostly the screen now freezes in white (sometimes) black and powers off. Current status: Auto shutdown usually after 2-3 seconds.

What can I do? I wonder if this is related to sensors? The rubber bands on the phone casing do not close tightly (a clerk at Beijing airport replaced my SIM-card and meanwhile tore at the rubber bands so they don’t close properly), so I expect dust can easily have settled inside.

Try to #disassemble the phone and clean the connectors between the modules (especially the screen).

If that doesn’t help either contact support (best do it as described here) or get help from #fairphoneangels if there are some near you.

Thanks, Paula, I will try that! Alcohol on a dry cloth, give everything a swipe, let is rest and dry?

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