Fairphone 2 at T-Mobile Store

Today I saw a FP2 in a T-Mobile Store in Vienna (Handelskai Milleniumcity) between other smartphones.
It’s great that you can get Fairphones there since March 2016 :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this.
While christmas they had a 50% offer on all phones, but reading into the details I could only read about specific models like Google´s pixel and other premium brands.

I think this commercial was just as tricky as they always keep it here in Germany just to get you into their sells shops for any kind of convincing bla bla.

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Just for completeness here is the map with all the FP2’s in shops:

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Hi, I live in Vienna and I’m thinking to move to T-Mobile for that. It’s just a pity that T-Mobile phone and data plans are not exactly the best, especially for roaming packages…

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You can go there and request a phone without contract. That should work too! :slight_smile:


Hey good idea! I’ve just to make sure it’s not locked to T-Mobile as I’ve a SIM from another carrier.

That should be no problem. A few weeks ago I heard from a South Tiroly Fairphoner who had bought her FP2 in the T-Mobile shop in Innsbruck and was using it with her existing Italian contract.


Thanks. Anyway since the cost of the phone is € 288 if paired with a T-Mobile contract, the difference to a phone without contract (which I suppose they sell at the standard € 530 price) would cover 12 months of their “light” tariff. I guess then that’s the most convenient option: the fairphone and 1 year of unlimited calls.

Update: I’ve been to T-Mobile at Vienna-Lugner City and they told me they don’t sell the phone without a contract by any means.

We will check why this was not possible and post an update as soon as we have more information.


Thanks. He told me to go buy phones at MediaMarkt, I told I wanted the Fairphone and that they were the only one to have a Fairphone and he answered “I understand, but still, no contract no phone, sorry”.

Hi Soprano,

I received an official feedback from T-Mobile:
It seems that the sales person at Lugner City was not correctly informed.
T-Mobile does sell Fairphone 2 with AND without contract in their shops!!!
They are very sorry that you had such troubles getting a FP2 and ask you kindly to visit their shop again!
(I will send you my phone number that you can call me in case)



Thanks a lot Werner, very kind of you! Will go back one of next days and check again! Regards


Hi Soprano!

I just registered myself here to tell u also an official sorry from my Company by myself. Im really sorry that my collegue gave u an wrong Information.Of course we sell the Fairphones also without a contract.The only Problem is that at this time we dont have any Fairphones(in White and red)in our Shop because they are all sold out(Everybody wants one :wink: ).It would be a pleasure if you visit us again. When u r here i will keep ur number in mind and call u by myself if we receive one.
Sorry again!
Wish u a nice day

Your T-Mobile Team from Lugner-City


Hey Mr. T-Mobile team member, thanks for taking your time to write! :wink:

Just a question: Fairphones are sold out for new contract subscribers too or for free sell only ? Do you know if other T-Mobile in Vienna have them in stock ? Web site tells “Lieferzeit 1 - 2 Werktage


Hi Soprano!

The Fairphones are completely sold out for both categories(Free sell + contracts). I watched now in the System again and i saw that it is still not avaible - in no Shop. I can not give any information about the online Shop because we have different Systems. The Service-Line (06762000)can help you with your question. Thanks for your Patience!

Wish u a nice week :slight_smile:

Your T-Mobile Team

It’s born! It’s born! :smiley:

Thank You T-Mobile Kärntnerstraße Wien!


I believe you mean: “It’s alive!



By the way, I spent the last 5 hours to install Open OS, all the needed apps and test basically -everything-.

I’m more than happy, everything works like a charm.

I’m extremely surprised by the sound quality of both the speaker and on the headphones. Screen colors are not the best, a bit washed out, but it’s probably a matter of getting used. I also got a GPS fix quite easy, immediate 4G connection, no problems with WI-FI, with external 64gb SD card, with remote samba connection, with corporate IBM Verse email, and several other small things. The only minor issue I found are the volume keys a bit on the hard side, you need to press energetically to raise or lower volume. The other right side keys are soft and perfect.

Happy so far. :smiley:


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