Fairphone 2 and CyanogenMod / LineageOS


I’m going to keep studying the boot process further, then… and init itself

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Hi everyone, @Roboe and I decided to open a chatroom for the development of Cyanogenmod. If you want to join us (we don’t bite except on special occasions) you can find us on the dedicated matrix.org room #wearefairphone:matrix.org or the #wearefairphone IRC channel on Freenode.net (the two are bridged so you only need to join one of them. Matrix.org offers backlogs but IRC doesn’t require registration). If you have trouble joining in, I’ll be happy to help.

I also edited the porting wiki page accordingly.


Hey, reaching you all to give an update.

Thanks to the inestimable help of @Arvil investigating the dt.img generation (among other things), we have achieved to have a functional recovery.img (and probably a booting boot.img too, we are still testing) and have a working flashable zip.

System is stuck in a bootloop yet but good news are we are making progress and are enthusiastic and motivated, :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the status in the porting wiki accordingly and removed workaround for two errors we don’t have anymore, :wink:


That is pretty cool and nice news, motivation is the best thing to be able to use for such progress :).

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Awesome news! Congrats :smiley:


Would love to use CyanogenMod on my Fairphone. Keep up the good work!!


Very interesting. Please go on in this way. Fairphone 2 and cyanogemod they will be great!


Well Fairphone Open is like Cyanogen Mod. it is also based on Android Open Source. What is the difference between Fairphone Open and Cyanoge Mod?


First thing is, cm is per option rootable.
Cm also had a lot of customizations such as “livedisplay” Aka red-/nightscreen, the systemprofiles, extended app permission management, cm-design engine, flexible screenlock.


FP Open OS is rootable just checking an option on the (hidden) Developer Settings too, :wink:

CyanogenMod is based on AOSP, plus it was modded by hundreds of people around the world for years. This means it has a lot of stable non-AOSP features ready to use, mostly a lot of customizations: graphical (e.g. theme engine, quick-settings), Android framework (e.g. Privacy Guard), apps (defaults are improved), or hardware level (e.g. CPU under/overclocking and governors). Plus those @5t0rmr1d3r has mentioned.

Note a lot of ROMs modifications have been gradually reworked into AOSP itself (e.g. immersive mode, quick settings or even Marshmallow’s permission requests, rework of CM’s Privacy Guard)


I have a question regarding the wiki in this topic: ✏ Porting CyanogenMod to FP2
(it says to post questions here).

I have no experience with cyanogen mod, or any kind of custom smartphone OS whatsoever, but would like to get into it and eventually help develop builds for Cyanogenmod in the future.
Does anyone know of any resources where I can get started on learning the basics of doing so? This isn’t exactly something they teach you at school.

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You can have a look at the links listed at the end of the Porting Guide. There are CyanogenMod wiki articles and official Android guides (I recommend thoroughly read the latters). They are general, though; once you start building, you are on your own with a variety of errors you’ll probably find.

Also, you can join our Telegram group and ask specific questions there we’ll try to help you solve.


So apparently they are shutting down CyanogenMod… :’(

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Well, let’s see what will happen: http://lineageos.org. They will issue more information on Tuesday… They are also on fb,g+ and twitter


Code is still code. Open source is all about that. A project can fail in the market, but code will still be accessible.
They will rebrand CM as LineageOS, yes, but I bet they will start on CM14.1.
CM12 will have the same codebase. Don’t worry for our port, :wink:
Long live open source!


How is that word spoken? As in “line” (Linie) and “age” (Alter)?

Lineage means “Abstammung” in German. Linguee also pronounces it:

Sorry for asking - normally I try to avoid webpages with:


if possible. I thought that it was a simple answer …

IPA: /ˈlɪn.i.ɪdʒ/

Source: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/lineage


To me, Spanish person, it sound so close to Linux (pronounced by Linus Torvalds himself). Anyone having this impression?

Also, I don’t like the way Cyanogen Inc has ended relations with CyanogenMod community. They have put offline the CyanogenMod Wiki. Not very elegant to fade a completely collaborative documentation source. Foul play.