Fairphone 2 and CyanogenMod / LineageOS

“Cyanogen is chopping its staff after its alternative Android has failed to catch on with phone makers”

Source: http://www.recode.net/2016/7/22/12260232/cyanogen-layoffs-android

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Let me amend some things in that quote:

Cyanogen Inc. is chopping its staff after its for-profit alternative Android (Cyanogen OS, based on non-profit, community made CyanogenMod) has failed to catch on with phone makers.

CyanogenMod is a community effort and it doesn’t depend on Cyanogen Inc. nor Cyanogen OS.

Edit: Here is a clarifying article.


I know, but I’m sure (unchecked) that programmers contributed to CyanogenMod while working for Cyanogen Inc. But I agree with you, the article you quote is better.

In fact, I think it was the other way around: Cyanogen Inc. (created three years ago) hired CyanogenMod (born seven years ago) top contributors.


Yes, so they could make money. The history of Cyanogen is a complicated one.

Update: Here is a quote from the article you quoted :wink:

“… but it seems many of the core CyanogenMod developers at the company will no longer be paid to work on CyanogenMod.”


Ok, you have a point there, :wink:

For our concern in this topic, I’m sure CyanogenMod will survive this.

(Thanks for sharing, by the way, :blush:)


An update from the CM blog about latest news of Cyanogen Inc: http://www.cyanogenmod.org/blog/cyanogen-inc-and-cyanogenmod

I post it here to come to an end the above brought up topic. For further discussion, I suggest a moderator to move the posts to a new topic, please, :slight_smile:


Your wish is our command (well, @NicoM’s, which documented it marvelously):

We forgot to link it here, :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a try tonight.

Quick update: Building the recovery works, but I see some error messages. In the end it’s around 18 M.

./extract-files.sh is also able to work with rom images to make things easier. Try using fp2-sibon-16.07.1-ota-userdebug.zip as an example. Just unzip it somewhere and use something ugly like:

./extract-files.sh ../../unziped-rom/

mka is still running, no clue yet.


With bash (Ubuntu 14.14) included in Win10, I will try this week to build it on Windows. Seems fun :smiley:

Good morning, my name is André. Just bought a FP2 for my wife. I would love to be able to change from fairphone os to cm. if someone wants to write down an summary to what’s been done in the development here, I’d be very happy. Is there anything I can do to help? I run both win and ubuntu.


Three messages up :wink:

The current problem I have is that the device doesn’t boot but doesn’t show any error, even with adb logcat… So I have no idea what the problem is…


Thank you very much :wink: Sorry for unnecessary questions. Will follow with interest, and see if I can help in any way.

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a FP2 and I’m quite satisfied with it. However, I would like to see a running port of CM as I used it in the past with other devices and liked it very much. Currently I’m running Fairphone Open OS 16.07.1 but not 100% happy with stock Android OS, so I think having the ability to install alternative, stable OSs would make FP2 a better, longer-lasting device and more open to community contributions (which personally I think it’s very relevant step to make this a fairer, sustainable phone).

At the moment I’m downloading the repositories (it will still take a few hours) and following steps from the wiki. I’m running Linux Rebecca 17 on my computer. I’m also reading some documentation on building/porting CM to get familiar with the processes involved in the meanwhile. For a start I would like to perform all steps to get to the current state (boot.img not working), from that point I could do some additional testing/debugging maybe…

I’m familiar with computers and development but never ported CM for any device. Still I would like to give it a try. I’m aware this is now in a very early stage and far from having a stable working OS, but I’m optimistic we could see a running CM over Fairphone in the near future if the project gets enough momentum and more people gets involved with it.


Yeah, welcome to the (small) club of people trying to get a working CM :smiley:
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! I think @Roboe start to have a good expertise in Android in general and Cyanogen in particular.
It is the first time I cook rom too, it take a bit of time to start understanding how it works, but at the end it is pretty clear :slight_smile:


Welcome to the crowd!

Currently, @NicoM and I followed almost all the steps of the Porting CM article on CyanogenMod wiki. We are currently using a precompiled kernel, and the device configuration needs to be merged somehow with a Qualcomm general msm8974 config. The wiki post Nico did is a great knowledge base to start with.

I’m right now in a personal situation that doesn’t allow me to work on the port, but I’ll be happy to solve any doubd you’d have, if I have the knowledge to, and to bring ideas for anything. Just drop me a message, :wink:

PD: I check GitHub every night, so your pull requests are welcome!


OK, so I finished syncing the repos and I was about to launch a build.

As far as I see the idea behind is to take a device with same hardware as a starting point for the CM build, in this case the MSM8974AB. I see this referenced on many places as the FP2 SoC…

However, my device reports this:

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Hardware                                
Hardware    : Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA

Should I trust Android’s info or the spec sheets? I see this model is also used on the OnePlus X and is actually not the same chip as the AB. It would be something in between the snapdragon 800 and 801 series (CPU from the 800 and GPU from the 801) but it’s not very well documented. Would this have any implications with the build?

PS: I just came over this thread and I see I’m not the first to realize :confused:

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I suppose there’s no problem at all, it’s the same family after all, and Qualcomm distribute the same code on CodeAurora for msm8974.

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I think HTC M8 is a better fit than the OnePlus X because it has dual SIM support


OK, I started a build now…

I will let you know once done.