Fairphone 2 and CyanogenMod / LineageOS

Maybe you saw or didn’t see that I am trying to get LineageOS 14.1 running on the FP2. I have already patched the Fairphone kernel to support 6.0 (merge from Codeaurora/Qualcomm) and then cherry-picked SELinux patches for the kernel to work under 7.X. The current status is that the system doesn’t boot any further than the init :frowning: . I also don’t really have a clue right now what the worst problem that hinders the boot process is. Log file if you are interested: https://gist.github.com/z3ntu/ee86f06c2332a6f91a4019375200502f


Just checked in on the phone, will do later on a “real” computer
First thing i saw was it is obviously unable to create/mount proc. That leads to the fsck errors referring also to mtab. Then there are selinux initialising problems. Don’t know whether this is because of a missing /proc
Did you try to boot with permissive or selinux disabled, for testing?

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Every selinux line has a permissive=1 after and I believe selinux prints the denials even when it’s set to permissive (probably to allow fixing the errors before setting it to enforcing)

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OK. Yes, if selinux is set to permissive, it logs the denials anyway, but doesn’t enforce the action, so, except for errors, which are said to be possible, but i didn’t experience any up to now, you should be fine… So, only thing left would be the proc filesystem … (First stage…)


Hi all,

Is there a dedicated thread / forum / IRC for the development work on this? I see some people here at least trying it out already and would be interested in getting in on the fun without having to start from scratch.


Maybe you should ask @z3ntu about that…

Yeah I’m working on it but currently I’m pretty much stuck.

Technical stuff:
Device tree: https://github.com/z3ntu/android_device_fairphone_fp2/tree/cm-14.1
Kernel source: https://github.com/z3ntu/android_kernel_fairphone_fp2/tree/cm-14.1
Blobs from the 6.0 preview build (currently using blobs from FP2-gms-17.03.1-ota-testkeys)


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