Fairphone 2 and CyanogenMod / LineageOS

I have very few problems with my phone so far, but I would say that hardware should be a priority. Some people complain that they had to wait quite a long time for a new display or a bottom module, and I think that Fairphone should try to avoid that (at the same time, I understand how hard it is for them!).
What concerns software, I think that Fairphone should guarantee a working Android OS as most of the users want regular Android. At the same time, they should facilitate things for people who want an alternative. The Fairphone open OS is a good thing for me, as long as it doesn’t take too much time and money. I like my Fairphone with the open OS and I don’t mind some bugs (clock reset; GPS not as operative), but I wouldn’t like to have to wait 3 months for a new display or bottom module.
Other OS could be nice too, but Cyanogen (and I guess it will be the same with Lineage) and Ubuntu, for example, are community based OS, so I don’t think that Fairphone should propose them as official OS. I like the idea of an Android out of the box and a good support for other OS, as well as an easy way to change OS.
So: concentrate on a good Android OS and good hardware, and help community based OS to implement would be the best for me!


I see, I am alone with my opinion.
Let’s wait, what the future will bring…

Actually, i was very much like you. My FP is #4429, and I joined the movement, among other reasons, because i very much expected support for cm from the first minute… Well, I was disappointed, but after all I understood the reasoning. And FP Open OS with admittedly some fiddling (xposed, opengapps) works the way i imagined it

Well, i bought the Fairphone 2 because i searched a newer replacement for my Jolla Device.
For me it doesn’t matter if its AOSP or CM Base - For me its importand that SailfishOS runs good.
As a Computer and Linux geek i also often flash CM on the Android phones of my friends and customers.
Because the stock ROMs sucks. They are bloated with garbage software, slow and sometime impossible to root.
Fairphone Open brings a very good AOSP ROM which is not bloated and which is rooted by default.

Yes, there are lot of software problems, but i doubt, that the CM ROM would be more stabel than Fairphone Open. I think it will be as good as Fairphone Open, when it comes out.

Lot of Problems are Modem Firmware Based - and here we need to use binary blobs. Also CM will use the same binary blobs like Fairphone Open, and bring the same problems.

But that is all speculation. Lets see and compare, when the CM or LineageOS is coming out for the FP.
But i think, it will not coming out…

So dear Fairphone Developers: Please fix the most important bugs like the battery-drain-bug

And if the base is table and good enough - the communtiy will make the other OS avaiabale:
SailfishOS, UbuntuTouch, CianogenMod etc…


You are not alone, I also made that suggestion a few weeks/months ago ;). I like CM features and will only consider buying a FP2, if there is a CM (now LineageOS) port.

I am also more interested in Sailfish OS. But it will take some time to be usable.

It is absolutely usable. I use SailfishOS as only one OS on my FP2 since 6 month


My Second Phone “Samsung Galaxy S2 - i9100” now runs with LineageOS Nougat. Thats so strange the first week the Battery drained in hours and now this phone works in Standby (no SIM) for three whole days, and every thing works.

(a friend of mine had the same strange behaviour with the Battery drain. Seems that Android has to learns to use the Battery)

If Android 7 is possible for this Phone from 2011 it should also be possible for the Fairphone.

Thanks for every developer which works in this case.


Maybe you saw or didn’t see that I am trying to get LineageOS 14.1 running on the FP2. I have already patched the Fairphone kernel to support 6.0 (merge from Codeaurora/Qualcomm) and then cherry-picked SELinux patches for the kernel to work under 7.X. The current status is that the system doesn’t boot any further than the init :frowning: . I also don’t really have a clue right now what the worst problem that hinders the boot process is. Log file if you are interested: https://gist.github.com/z3ntu/ee86f06c2332a6f91a4019375200502f


Just checked in on the phone, will do later on a “real” computer
First thing i saw was it is obviously unable to create/mount proc. That leads to the fsck errors referring also to mtab. Then there are selinux initialising problems. Don’t know whether this is because of a missing /proc
Did you try to boot with permissive or selinux disabled, for testing?

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Every selinux line has a permissive=1 after and I believe selinux prints the denials even when it’s set to permissive (probably to allow fixing the errors before setting it to enforcing)

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OK. Yes, if selinux is set to permissive, it logs the denials anyway, but doesn’t enforce the action, so, except for errors, which are said to be possible, but i didn’t experience any up to now, you should be fine… So, only thing left would be the proc filesystem … (First stage…)


Hi all,

Is there a dedicated thread / forum / IRC for the development work on this? I see some people here at least trying it out already and would be interested in getting in on the fun without having to start from scratch.


Maybe you should ask @z3ntu about that…

Yeah I’m working on it but currently I’m pretty much stuck.

Technical stuff:
Device tree: https://github.com/z3ntu/android_device_fairphone_fp2/tree/cm-14.1
Kernel source: https://github.com/z3ntu/android_kernel_fairphone_fp2/tree/cm-14.1
Blobs from the 6.0 preview build (currently using blobs from FP2-gms-17.03.1-ota-testkeys)


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