Fairphone 2 amplifier

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently updated to the Fairphone 3 after owning the 2 for almost 4 years. I purchased the little stand that amplifies sound and curves it round to forward-facing for the 2 (seen in the article here Modular Fairphone 2 Smartphone Wooden 3D Printed Accessories Unveiled (video) - Geeky Gadgets) however due to the speakers changing position on the 3rd generation model it’s no longer usable with my device.

Anyone in the UK who has a Fairphone 2 is welcome to it for free.


Wow, that is a cool gadget! Too bad I don’t live in the UK…

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Hi Tony - that looks cool, would be great for listening to podcasts while I do the washing up. If it is still available, could I be considered please? If you let me know how much it cost I will do a contribution to the Trussel Trust. Thanks. Guy

I have the same amplifier for the FP2, and don’t (really) use it anymore (because I now own a FP3). I live in the NL and I’m thinking about giving it away.

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Hi Guy, it’s still available and I’d be happy to send it out to you! Get in touch and I’ll post it along as soon as I can.

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I’d be interested in the amplifier if BrFabian isn’t :slight_smile: . I live in the UK.

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