Fairphone 2 (32GB) with Lineage for MicroG 18.1

Hi there,

I am finally selling my beloved Fairphone 2

It is still working well, despite having dropped into water about half a year ago.
I have put another screen onto it and ever since there have not been related issues. Lateley however there are sometimes graphical errors, like distortions. They disappear on their own usually.

It think since I deleted a fair amount of the storage it works better, and errors seem to be less often when charged. The battery is not performing super great, but I have been able to use it anyway as my only phone. If you use it heavily you surely end up charging it more than once a day. But usually once is enough.

The case has a ditch on a bottom corner.

With the phone comes a matte screen protector as well as another screen, that has never been taken out of its still sealed box. The screen currently on the phone already has the same protector.

Please let me know what you’d be willing to pay for it. Shipping with DHL paid by buyer.

What do you think?

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