Fairphone 1 not switching to 3G internet connection

Recently in Malawi at Lilongwe airport, my FP1 was in E connection on mobile network. Skype did not work. Other smartphones switched over to G3, and had better internet. The SIM-card was in slot 1.
What could be the reason? And can I do something about it?
I’d appreciate your help

According to some internet sources the 3G frequency band in Malawi should be 2100 MHz, which is supported by the FP1. Did you check to which network your FP1 & the other phones connected? You can choose a different one if necessary by going to Mobile Networks > Mobile Operators in the settings. (Make sure to set this setting to Automatic again when you leave the country.)

Thanks. We had local SIM-cards from the same provider, so I assume we all connected to the same network.
I made the same observation before, last year in Tamil Nadu, also with a local SIM-card, although I did not note down the details then.

Generally in the Fairphones (both 1 & 2) only one SIM can be set to 3G, the other one then only can access 2G.
Make sure that the SIM you want to use is set to 3G! In order to do that, you may need to first set the other SIM to 2G.

Look at All Apps --> Settings --> More --> Cellular Network Settings

Also the FP1 may not be compatible with all network carriers. You can check http://willmyphonework.net/ to see with which carriers your phone should work.

Thank you. That explains it. 3G was set to the other slot. Very helpful for next time.

Happy to hear! Otherwise I would not have understood. In January I was in Tamil Nadu as well and had no problems with 3G and FP1.

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