FAIRPHONE 1 - no secure connection to my webmailer possible

Is it a software problem that I can not open my webmail account? It says: no secure connection possible…
Any ideas? It seems that everything is on : WLAN, Bluetooth, mobile net.
Google opens, other websites too…
On my Imac it opens
thanks for any remarks. Beate

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The standard software on the FP1 is pretty hopelessly out of date when it comes to security. If you are using the pre-installed standard browser on your FP1, I strongly recommend to install a different browser, e.g. Fennec (actually it’s just a Firefox variation):


Or install Firefox from the Google Play Store if you have installed the store.


Great! Thanks a lot ! It worked with Firefox!! Very happy! So I can go on with FP1 for a longer time…

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