Fairphone 1 fell and now won't turn on

Hi all! I’ve emailed support about this but that was two and a half weeks ago and there’s no response so I thought it’s time to ask here instead.

My phone was on, pretty well charged, when I dropped it. The battery and its lid fell out, which has happened more often. But when I put them back, the phone wouldn’t turn on anymore, not even on safe mode or anything. It also doesn’t respond to plugging it in a charger.

There’s no visible damage on the phone. The battery is not swollen. I took it to a repair place here in Brazil where I’m staying and according to their papers they cleaned it chemically but that didn’t help.

What can I do?


I’m guessing you don’t know another Fairphoner near you who can lend you their battery so you can test if you can boot your phone with that?
FP1 batteries are in stock and sold for 18.15€, but they are not shipped outside the EU, so you’d have to have a friend forward it to you.

Hi Paul, that’s a good tip, thanks! Unfortunately I don’t know anyone else here with a Fairphone and it would take a long time to receive a new battery. Do you think the problem is likely with the battery rather than the phone?

Unfortunately that’s very hard to say, that’s why I suggested trying a different battery.

Maybe you could check the battery with a multimeter.

Oops sorry Paul that I missed your response earlier! Great idea, I’ll definitely try to find one. Thanks so much!


The same has happened to me. in my case the power button was broken (not the outside plastic part but inside). unfortunately I couldn’t order this part and had to buy a new motherboard…

Same has happened to me… dropped it and now its dead. How do I know what is wrong if I take ot apart?