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first of all I would like to thank Fairphone company. I’ve been years reading about the environmental and social problems that movil phones cause, and now that I want to change my phone (I have been several years with the same one) is wonderful to have this alternative to regular phones.

I would like to ask if anyone knows if it is possible to get a Fairphone 1 by pieces. I want a Fairphone, but Fairphone 2 it’s too big for me, and I see that Fairphone 1 is not available anymore. That’s why I thought that maybe it is possible to buy all Fairphone 1 pieces and assemble it by myself.

Do you know if it is possible?

Thank you all in advance.


I think these topics could be interesting for you:

Good luck!


The Fairphone 1 screen is sold out, maybe forever. So I recommend you to buy an used FP1 at our marketplace or on ebay.

I think the reason why the Fairphone 1 is not sold anymore is because it is outdated. It will not get an Android version beyond 4.4 and has no LTE.

Even if all FP1 spare parts were available atm you really shouldn’t do it as these parts should be kept for repairs.


Thank you so much! That was very useful!

What I don’t understand is: if one of the best things of Fairphone is that it can be repaired, they should have always the pieces available, even if the phone is old.
If I buy a Fiarphone 2 now, will the company have all the pieces available in, for example, 2019? They should, because they say that their movile phones can be repaired, but if they don’t have some Fairphone 1 pieces, I’m afraid they maybe won’t have some Fairphone 2 pieces in two or three years.

I really need to know if I will be able to repair the phone, and that it is going to last. Anyway I asked the company, so if you are also interested I will inform you about their answer!

Thank you all again!

It’s a very different story between FP1 and FP2:

  • FP1: They produced 60.000 phones altogether in two batches (late 2013/mid 2014). That was it. After about July 2014 no more FP1 were produced. In comparison to other manufacturers like Apple or Samsung 60.000 phones is a very small amount of phones which unfortunately makes it unsexy for a Chinese factory to set up a production line for an even smaller amount of spare parts.
  • FP2: Production has started in late 2015 and has been running ever since. It is not expected that it will stop in the near future so I’d say it’s highly unlikely that there wouldn’t be spare parts at any time soon. Also Fairphone is aiming to sell much more than 60.000 units of the FP2 so they will have a better standing against the factory if spare parts have to be produced in the future.

Thank you for this information! Now I understand a little bit better… although I guess that is not good news for FP1 users… And I hope it wont happen the same with FP2 in a few years.
Anyway I will order FP2, because despite all of this Fairphone offers the most fair phones in the market!
Hoping the company can mantain the production of FP2 pieces in the future I will give them a vote of confidence.

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